My LAMOSE Story Contest

Chen - Updated on April 05 2020

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My LAMOSE Story Contest

Stay Strong. Stay Together.

How are you guys feeling? It is a weird time we are in both with the strict social distancing and COVID-10 cases increasing. Things are getting scary, yet we can’t hug our friends and families nor travel to see them in the coming holidays. Life has slowed down a lot as we stay at home. With COVID-19 news updating rapidly, are you spending more time on the phone trying to keep up? It is important to stay in-the-know, especially in our local area, but there is only so much worrisome and negative information we can take before it starts to affect our mood and cause a sense of depression.

Inspired By Love.

We are turning 3 years old on March 16. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we unfortunately cannot celebrate with you in person. However, we consider ourselves lucky because we are still able to operate online despite closing all of our stores. At Lamose, we are grateful for the heartwarming stories that we hear from our customers every day. Each loving story behind each custom engraving is what keeps us motivated and positive. We know keeping a positive attitude is not a simple do-it-yourself project. In the Lamose community, we inspire each other to keep going and we hope to share more positivity around the world through #mylamosestory.

Empower each other with #MyLamoseStory.

The rules are simple.

1. Share the story behind your custom Lamose drinkware (share story here). The winner who receives the most votes (vote here) before June 30, 2020 will win a $500 cash reward. A weekly winner will be drawn every Friday to receive a free custom bottle. 
2. Voters have a chance to win too! At the end of the contest, 5 lucky voters will be drawn to receive a $100 Lamose gift card.
To enter the contest, a valid email is required. All winners will be contacted through the entered email.

Amid this health crisis, our team has elected to donate 100% of our net profits to help our community until further notice (see here for details). The #mylamosestory contest is a unique way for the Lamose team to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and to support each other during this difficult time.

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