Georgia, US

My dad’s younger brother was diagnosed a year ago with stage 4 liver cancer. He passed away soon as the pandemic began. That was really heart bearing for my family. He was the baby of my dad and his siblings and my dad constantly talked about their times together. So to help keep his memory close, I purchased the tumbler so he could use it for work everyday. Everyone fell in love with it so I’m purchasing another one for my grandma. 


Edmonton, AB, CA

This is a picture my son drew. It is the first picture he drew that he gave a body to a person, instead of arms and legs coming out of a circle. It always makes me laugh because my son explained it is a picture of me, my husband and him, but my husband is wearing an invisibility suit. I've had the bottle for over three years and it helps me realize how much he's changed and developed.


Edmonton, AB, CA

It was given to me by my union.

When I see it, it gave me a sense of belonging to something bigger than myself.


Calgary, AB, CA

It is in memory of my Grandpa with my dads favorite dog. 

This was given to our dad as a Father day gift. He lost his dad 3 years ago and what better way to remember him then to give him something so personable on Fathers Day.


Edmonton, AB, CA

It was my first father day gift to my husband who deserves the best! I don't think I'll ever survive the first 3 months with our newborn twins without him. Also, the photo that I have on the mug was taken at our first trip together as a family, which is a day we will never forget!

My husband and I are first time parents to twin boys who were born just days before the pandemic. We were alone with them in our house for months and we struggled so much. We couldn't go out and get help from relatives or friends because of covid. Luckily, my husband was also on sick leave (he injured his hand a week before I gave birth), and stayed with me for the first 3 months to help me with the boys. It was nice staying home with the family for months but I knew that we all needed a break. My husband and I love to travel and have not been out of the city since I got pregnant, so we decided to go on a day trip with the boys before his leave is over. We drove to Abraham lake, had a mini picnic by the lake and drove back to Edmonton that same day. It wasn't easy going on a roadtrip with two babies, but it was definitely a trip that we will never forget. It was our first trip together as a family. :) 


Sherwood Park, AB, CA

I received my bottle as a birthday gift last hear from my group of friends! We all loved it so much that we decided to order a bottle for each friends birthday! The idea came from the fact that we were all in the same program of the medical field and we were about to start a long year-long journey training at the hospital! We wanted something that when we looked at it, we were reminded that no matter how crazy or emotional our day was, we always had each other to turn to! These bottles did exactly that! In the craziness of working as students on the frontline of the hospitals everyday, these bottles always stood out! I am so grateful that I have had such strong friends especially throughout times like these, and I’m so glad that we will always have these bottles to remind us of that! 


Ardrossan, AB, CA

My daughter was unsure of her new little brother until we put them into the same sleepers. Then she was so excited about him! 


Edmonton, AB, CA

This bottle was made for my husband for his first Father’s Day- after waiting on an adoption wait list for 7 years we were finally matched. Our son was born on January 10, 2020. John is an amazing father and our baby boy was so worth the wait. 

When I first saw it, I cried 


Nashville, TN, US

I just got engaged last week, so this is the first thing I have ever owned with my new (future) last name on it. My mom got as an engagement gift for me, and I cried when I saw it. The snow color is so beautiful, the mug is SUCH good quality, and it warms my heart every time I see my new name on it. I can't wait to use this mug for MANY years to come, as I make memories with my new last name! Thank you for helping me cement such a wonderful and exciting time in my life in such a memorable and useful way. 


Bragg Creek, AB, CA

We surprised the birthday party with these engraved mugs, to commemorate a very special woman as she turned 40years old. The tumblers will always remind us of all the fun we had, despite the rain, wrong turns and physical distancing, during our giggle drenched wine tasting hike through the Bragg Creek forest! 

I was so excited! Thrilled with the colour and quality. In the middle of the covid19 pandemic, we had found a great way to celebrate my friend’s 40th birthday in style, and with the best momento! The tumblers were perfect for our outdoor physically distant wine tasting hike!


Ottawa, Ontario, CA

It’s a keepsake for my husband as a reminder of his first Father’s Day. 

I was so in love!


Walkersville, MD, US

It is easy to travel with and keeps my wine cold for as long as I need it to

When I see it, I loved it and it made me smile.


San Diego, CA, US

It’s a gift for my husband on Father’s Day. It has our daughter’s picture.

It made my heart full.


Calgary, AB, CA

My fiancé and I had our first baby boy Kailer in March 2019. One of the traditions we started from the very start was doing a walk together when my fiancé would get home from work. Usually I would carry him in the carrier but on the day of this photos my fiancé said he would carry him. I remember shutting the door and looking back at them and just smiling from ear to ear because the two most important people in my life were looking so adorable and it made me so excited for the bond that they share.

My fiancé has been working from home since the quarantine began and he makes coffee every morning. He has a collection of mugs from holidays and travels we’ve been on. Because of covid we won’t be travelling anywhere this year so I thought what better way to remember this covid 2020 “adventure” then a new mug with my two favourite people!

This mug makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The logo on it is our logo for our camping adventures (Chasing our Trunks). It's based on a Kipling story about how the elephant got his trunk by going to find out what the crocodile had for dinner. It boils down to the adventure being about the journey and you don't always have to have a grand reason to travel, any excuse will do. Every time I use my water bottle I start dreaming of our next trip!

I was super excited (it was a gift from my partner) and it made me so excited for our next adventure!

Michelle H

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I got this water bottle for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. He is very minimal and with sports, everyday to stay hydrated, is important when it tastes nice and cold! Hot on cold days too! It’s amazing!

I am so happy and so so satisfied when I see it.

Michelle H

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I have a passion for drowning floral and because of you guys, I was able to get my own design on it! I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out!!

I’m absolutely stunned by how it turned out!


Ontario, Canada

I first saw the bottle when my husband opened it, it’s his father day present. His reaction was priceless, and I was overly impressed with how amazing it looked!

He was a bit emotional when he saw his baby girl, and his puppy princess on it. He’s an essential worker and he kept mentioning he needed a quality water bottle to help keep his water cool, especially with the weather getting so hot. It makes me so overwhelmingly happy that he can now stay hydrated and cool, while he sees his “reasons why” during work.


High River, Alberta, Canada

This was given to me by an amazing friend. It is my favorite cup to hold a cold drink or glass of wine at the end of a long day. 💕

This is very special to me.


High River, Alberta, Canada

My mom bought me this as I started grade 4. I love the color and it has my name on it with a very cute heart 💕 which I love! All the kids know that it is my special water bottle.


Kelowna, BC, Canada

I also have a tendency to things but it always finds it's back to me.

This was a gift, so I thought it was pretty cool.


Ontario, Canada

It is an engraving of my dog, she lives with my mom and I do not get to see her very often! She’s got the most hilarious smile (others say she looks like ET) kind of true but it being on the bottle makes me smile because it’s unique to her and I miss her when I am at school!

This made me very happy :')


Vancouver, BC, Canada

The quality is awesome, and everyone loves something that is personalised.

After seeing the first one, it made me want to order for all my family!


Alberta, Canada

My significant other made it for me as a reminder to think of her when I moved away for a job position away from home. So whenever I have my coffee/latte in the morning or at work no matter what mood I'm in, it makes me smile and think of her.

When I saw this tumbler, it warmed my heart and insides. Made me think of my favorite person and how we always plan to go star gazing.


Alberta, Canada

My daughter is a very dedicated hockey Mom. I got it designed so that my grandson could give it to her for Christmas. He feels that it says exactly how he feels about his Mom.

When I see this bottle, I am very Emotional in a grateful way 


Alberta, Canada

I actually won the bottle and my choice of engraving, and I took some time to thoughtfully decide what I wanted on my bottle. I finally settled on an inspiring quote that is a special reminder every time I pick up my bottle. Just happened to be perfect timing as I received it right when I finally got my dream job as a full time fitness coach.

I was inspired when I first saw it.


Alberta, Canada

Meet Charlie and Skye! Two sister pups adopted from a rescue facility in Ireland. Charlie was adopted by myself while Skye was adopted by my friend. Charlie has since moved to Canada with me. This bottle is so important to me as it shows their bond.

I was so ecstatic when I saw the bottle! I couldn’t wait to show my friends and family!


Alberta, Canada

This mug made me so happy. It’s a picture of our son for my husband’s first Father’s Day! He’s going to love it.

It will pinpoint this first big event in my husband’s life as a new dad. And he’s doing so great at it. I’m happy he’ll have something to remember this first with - and something he will use every day!


Ontario, Canada

My husband and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this year, and we typically gift based on traditional wedding gifts. This year it is steel, so I set out searching for a useful and meaningful steel gift. We love to travel, and if all goes as planned, we will be heading out for more ‘permanent travels’ in the next couple of years. When I found that the LAMOSE stainless steel products could be customized, I knew this was it, this was the right gift. Only one problem...I had a vision and yet wasn't sure how to make it a reality. So I reached out to my daughters boyfriend to see if he would help. He is a tattoo artist, and used his skills and expertise (remotely during quarantine) to come up with our personal adventure logo. He did such an amazing job! Thanks Nate! Now our logo has been engraved onto our special gifts, custom his & hers Team T&R Adventure water bottles (or Team R&T as my husband would say, so it‘s been engraved as such on 'his' water bottle) which we will use for all future adventures together! And with us, it’s always an adventure! I can’t think of a more fitting, or perfect gift for our 11th wedding anniversary, and I’m sure he will think the same when he opens them next week. I'm so excited to share them with him!!
Thank you for allowing me to share, and for reading, my/our story!! Stay safe!! ❤️


Alberta, Canada

It was a gift for my husband. It has a picture on it of our very first family dog. We had her for 13 years and now, 2 years after she passed away, we still miss her.

I was so happy when I saw it for the first time, it looked so good


Alberta, Canada

It was a gift from my girlfriend when I was feeling homesick. This tumbler is like a shot of home in each coffee. The detail in the design was spot on!

When I saw the tumbler, Speechless. I had recently moved to Canada leaving my family, friends and life behind. This tumble was a gentle reminder of home.

Mark Stasevich

Georgia, US

This was a gift for my daughter who’s a graduating Senior at Georgia State University. I wanted to give her something to remind her of all the great times and amazing people she met as a part of her schools beach volleyball program. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak the entire season was abruptly cut short when the team was in route to a tournament in Southern California. However I feel that in some small way this very special Gift has helped to ease the disappointment of that unexpected turn of events.

I loved it!


Alberta, Canada

It’s sustainable and cute! Also has my name on it.

When I see the bottle on my hand, I felt loved and also taken care of. It was beautiful to see that the font & color match my personality. 

Casziel Angelika

Alberta, Canada

This Robson bottle is so important to me because I use to work the Calgary Zoo during the summer. We sold Lamose bottles and I’ve always to buy one so I decided to get it at Southcentre. I bring my bottle everywhere with me and I love how it keeps the water cold FOREVER.

I absolutely loved it!!


Wisconsin, US

My little story comes full circle. I’ve always been a career focused girl, offend putting my own needs on my back burner.

I had a miscarriage in February 2019. & made myself focus on work even more. When I had my son in January I wanted something I could use everyday when I’m away from him. Ironically With the current pandemic my State choose to close two days before my maternity leave was supposed to end!! I know when I return to work I will be able to take part of my little man with me everyday:)


Ontario, Canada

April is my sisters birthday- it is her 30th this year and she was supposed to be going on a trip with my mom and her husband to Hawaii to celebrate. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine, they had to cancel everything. Staying at home to work was rough for her because they live in BC in a very outdoor-oriented town. Her two kitties Kali & Rogan have been a source of great comfort (plus she loved coffee) and so I wanted to get her something she could use now and once this is over to remember them.

When I saw this mug arrives, I was amazed! It's so perfect.


Northwest Territories, Canada

I ordered one for each of my mother's children and some of her grandchildren that had their names and her picture on the bottle as my mother was our Matriarchy of our family and was dearly loved and was a respected elder in our community as well. 

I loved it, it was perfect!


Alberta, Canada

I bought this mug for my husband's birthday. The picture is our puppy that we rescued at a very sad time in our lives. She lifts us up and brings us so much joy!

I was so happy when I saw it arrived.


Alberta, Canada

I purchased the Peyto Tumbler for my friend Alanah when this whole Covid thing started happening. She was there for me when I was struggling personally and now, she is struggling. So I purchased a tumbler for her from Lamose with her new dog she adopted and a latin proverb that loosely translates to "love always". Even though we can't be together and she is a province away, I wanted her to feel loved and supported and what does that more than dogs, and warm beverages? Lamose has allowed me to created something incredibly personal and meaningful for my friend who is struggling and I am very grateful for that. (I also have my own water bottle from Lamose with my dog on it; super awesome!)

When I first saw it, Like I was spreading love. It was so beautifully done and personal.


Minnesota, United States

This is Max. He passed away on September 26th of last year. His ashes are in the rainbow and that is a poem of The Rainbow Bridge. I thought it would be special to give my mom the gift of a water bottle with Max’s face on it. When she opened her present, her eyes were filled with tears of joy cause she was so happy to forever have something with Max’s face on it that she can take with her everywhere she goes.

I couldn't have been happier when I saw it!

Joanne Francis

Inuvik Northwest Territories, Canada

This is a memorable gift to my siblings. 
I love the product and I was very impressed!


California, United States

It was meant to be a birthday gift (we are long distance) and this fish with legs thing is an ongoing joke we've had for the duration of our relationship. I cannot thank LAMOSE enough for helping me bring this to life; when he saw the mug, he actually cried a little. This silly piece of artwork really means a lot to us, and to have it personalized on something we will use every day to remind us of each other is so precious. We love it so much! The set is currently separated but someday we will be able to reunite them again.


Alberta, Canada

I chose the quote “what’s yours will find you” because I believe that everything happens for a reason. If it is meant to be, it will be and if not then it isn’t a big loss.


Utah, United States

Got this for my mother in law, she absolutely LOVED it!!! She loves her dog so much so this was the perfect gift since she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry and she can use this every day for wine or coffee. Got shipped incredibly fast and the people were super friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

David & Cayleigh

Alberta, Canada

When we were choosing the name for our travel blog, we threw around a lot of ideas before finally settling on Made to Travel. After traveling for months at a time, most people would say “I bet you were ready to come home!” And our answer was always the same. “Nope! We’re already planning our next one!” So we just felt like Made to Travel completely resonated with us. Being able to place our logo in the mountains (which are so close to our hearts growing up next to the Rockies!) on our beautiful Lamose mugs was the icing on the cake! We love them!! 


Texas, United States

I got this as a gift for my good friend. She pcs’d and unfortunately had to rehome her frenchie. Needless to say, she was speechless. Amazing customer service, and a quick turnaround after placing the order.


Alberta, Canada

I chose to have this photo of my puppy Penny on my mug, because there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing her sweet face all the time. Unfortunately, you can’t bring dogs to work with you, so seeing the picture of her every time I reach for my tumbler, is the next best thing. The engraving is so beautiful, and it ties me over until I’m home and can have some real puppy cuddles.

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