LAMOSE - Built to Last

We believe life was meant for good friends and great adventures. When you begin your own lifelong adventure, you deserve to have the very best product and never have to worry about it. At LAMOSE, we build this type product and we stand behind it against manufacturer’s defects for the life of the product.
Every LAMOSE bottle is designed to be the best and built to last.
Every LAMOSE bottle we ship goes through several levels of quality control before it arrives to you.


LAMOSE guarantees that our product will be free from all defects from the factory. If you find that you bottle is defective or came with damage inside the box, feel free to contact us. If the issue is not able to be remedied by replacement parts, we will issue a full refund or exchange. Contact us for more information.
Excessive wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. Dropping bottles, especially when full, can result in dents and scrapes. Heavier drops can even damage the powder coat. While LAMOSE bottles are more resilient to damage compared to traditional paint, the powder coat is not invincible. LAMOSE bottles are built to last, and each superficial scratch and dent will build its character and personalize your bottle even more. We understand that bottles may become damaged under heavy use, but we guarantee that they will continue to function.

Finish Discolouration

Some colours may experience white spots after the dishwasher. This is simply due to the hot water drying on the paint. To remove the spots, simply dip the bottle in boiling water for 3 to 5 seconds and wipe dry.

Leaky Cap

If water leaks out of your bottle, feel free to contact us through this form here. We will send you a replacement cap, free of charge.

NOTE: Sales of engraved bottles are FINAL. Our Design Assistants will do a final visual inspection of the bottles before engraving to ensure that there are no cosmetic imperfections along with guaranteeing the integrity of the bottle and the cap.

Please Contact Us to reach to our customer service.