8 Ways to Personalize Your Water Bottle

Updated  on March 3, 2022

PA personalized water bottle is the perfect gift for a special occasion or just because. These bottles are not only fun but they also have many benefits.

The benefits of a personalized water bottle are endless. It is easy to find one that suits your needs and tastes. They are inexpensive, and reusable which saves money in the long run. The bottles can also be used to store other beverages as well as water, so you won’t need to buy bottled drinks anymore.

A personalized water bottle may seem like just a novelty item but it has many benefits that make it worth buying.

A personalized water bottle may seem like just a novelty item but it has many benefits that make it worth buying.

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Customization is key to making your water bottle unique and stand out from the rest. You can customize your bottle with fun designs, colors, and even quotes that mean something to you. It's a great way to express yourself while also staying hydrated.

1. Engrave your water bottle with the name horizontally

If you are a low-key person and just want a simple name identification for your water bottle, this design is for you. Honestly, we rarely do this engraving and I couldn't even find a photo for you. Most people enjoy other types of designs. So keep reading.

2. Engrave your water bottle with the name vertically

Engraving your name vertically on your water bottle can provide maximal virtual impact and visibility. So that your name is large enough to be seen as much as possible. The crucial thing is picking a name that matches your personality. If people see your name, it should say something about you.

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3. Engrave your water bottle with a design from our website 

If you want to keep things simple, we have some of the designs we have created for different categories, like hockey and teacher. We also have things for mothers and dads.

3. Engrave your school logo

If you want to show others how much it cost to attend the prestigious school or how much student loan debt your in, this is a great way!

We have partner with many Secondary education sectors. Check out your school. See if they carry our LAMOSE water bottle.

@lamosego Here’s a little look at a project we did last week with MacEwan University. Love the colors they chose and the variety of logos for each bottles. #yyc ♬ original sound - LAMOSE

4. Engrave the fire rescue response team logo on your water bottle.

I couldn't think of anyone else who would benefit more from our insulated water bottle that keeps drinks cold all day long.  

5.This water bottle is engraved with the baby's first footprint

This is a great photo idea to remember how much you love your children and capture how precious their footprints were. 

You can add more information or words that have even more meaning to you when you see this footprint, we can add those too.

6. Completely custom design

Whatever motivates you, whatever brings you joy on a daily basis, whatever would you like to see more of every day? We can add that to your water bottle so it will stay with you all day long.

If we can engrave a Galaxy, then we can engrave anything and everything

7. New Dad gift, your first photo with your mini you

You’ve just became a father! It was thanks to this photo that you now own a picture of your new baby. Your first photo with your mini-you will be an important one, no matter what. You probably have lots of questions to ask and hopes to share with each other.

Can you guess what? We can engrave them all on this sturdy water bottle.


New daddy on Lamose bottle!

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8. You might want to consider a personalized water bottle for your car enthusiast friend.

The need for personalized water bottles is not a trend limited to athletic fields and gyms. They can serve increasingly utilitarian purposes as well, such as providing a vehicle occupant with much needed hydration while on the road.

My car enthusiast friend is always on the go. He loves to go to car shows and events all over the state. I wanted to get him a personalized gift that is both useful and enjoyable. I found this great water bottle with a customizable design for him! It's perfect for him to take with him everywhere he goes.

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