How to create your custom photo design

Ellen Patterson - Nov 03 2020

Our designers work with every photo individually. With care and close attention we remove the background, adjust the light balance, and improve the image clarity before we convert the file into a vector graphic ready to be engraved.  

Once we have this illustrative image created we continue to put the design together with your personal customization requests and preferences. Here are some things you can do to further tailor your photo engraving design!

Write a message or add a name  

Select your favorite font and combine this personalization option with your photo engraving. Exercise your creativity with a funny image caption, choose an embellishing font for a distinctive name, or write a loving message for a sincere lasting present.  

Multiple images 

Can’t get two subjects to sit still together? No worries! Send us individual photos of the people or pets you wish to have on the bottle or mug and we will create graphics for each of them, then arrange them harmoniously together for the design! Each subject can have their own space on different sides of the bottle (though keep in mind our LAMOSE logo already occupies the back side of our products) or both.  

Incorporate a simple graphic

Perhaps you want to add a little picture with your picture! Some people want to sign the bottom of their photo with a small heart graphic or their favorite emoji. We have also created speech bubbles for sayings or messages above or next to the photographed subject! You could put a geometric or ornate frame around the image as well. This design option really lets you do something creative, and looks the absolute best when the graphic elements are kept very simple and used in tasteful moderation. 

There is so much you can do with even just these 3 simple options! In the words of one of my favorite chinese philosophers, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Lao Tzu.

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