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Our New Love: The Louise Collection Straw Tumbler

Hey there, fellow dog and outdoor lover! Get ready, because I've got something amazing to share.



Our New Love: The Louise Collection Straw Tumbler

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Game-changing Features

First off, picture this - a generous 24oz tumbler with a straw. Perfect for those long hikes with our furry friends or a lazy day at the beach. But this isn't just any tumbler; it's from LAMOSE's Louise Collection, and it's about to change our drinking game.

Unlike the usual plastic lids, this gem comes with a stainless-steel insulated lid. Yes, you heard it right! No more lukewarm lemonade halfway through our walk. This feature keeps our drink cool for so much longer.

And about that pesky problem of poking our mouths when we bump into something while sipping? They've got us covered with a soft silicone mouthpiece. The little things really do make a massive difference!

Next Level Customization

Here's the part that's got me super excited - the customization. Now, we've all seen a fair share of tumblers with a logo or a text engraving. But this one, oh, this one takes it up a notch.

How do you feel about photo engraving? Imagine having an image of your beloved pooch etched onto your tumbler. Cool, right? It's the only brand I've found that offers this unique service, all thanks to their dedicated team of designers.

One of our own from the dog-lover's community got her Labrador, Osaria, engraved on her tumbler. The result was simply stunning!

Making Everyday Special

So, there you have it! The Louise Collection - it's more than just a drink holder, it’s a style statement. Plus, it's a way to carry a bit of our pet love everywhere we go. This unique, personalized touch transforms an everyday item into something genuinely special.

Take some time to check it out. I'm pretty sure you're going to fall head over heels just like I did! Here's to colder drinks, cuter tumblers, and a whole lot of dog love!


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