Typography 101 - Tips for selecting a font for your design!

Ellen Patterson - Oct 09 2020

Selecting the right typeface can be difficult, and sometimes overwhelming, especially when it comes to creating the perfect gift or designing a large order for a wedding or special event. We want to help you feel confident about your choice! With LAMOSE we offer a wide selection of typefaces that we love and think will be well suited for a variety of different purposes.

Typography is an integral part of design and can get pretty complex, so, for our purposes we will only focus on a few decorative and script fonts. 


a script typeface is made of fluid flowing strokes reminiscent of handwriting or calligraphy. Script fonts look beautiful for names and we offer many to choose from!


 typically very characteristic and often used for titles, headlines, greeting cards or posters- they can be very fun to work with and their unique elements carry some big personalities.

When making your selection give consideration to the purpose and context of your design; who is this item for? Is it a gift for your mom paired with a portrait of her dog? Is it for your hockey obsessed best friend? What kind of personality are you looking for?

Also, give consideration to the line weights and shapes found in the illustration or design you are pairing your font with. Are things angular and geometric? Or are there more soft shapes and rounded edges? Are the lines thin and delicate? or Bold and dark? Sometimes contrasting these elements can work well, but a good rule of thumb to start with is to find matching formal characteristics.

Here are a few examples:

Serendipity is a very popular feminine font. It is (as described on myfonts), "a lovingly handwritten brush script , with an air of grace and flamboyancy."

Something still handwritten, but which carries a little more masculinity might be Edo, a brush script with a bit of a grunge element.

It has a very strong personality and was designed with many version of each letter. The font selects which letter design to use to create the most flow between each different letter, giving it a designed and hand lettered look.

Dancing script is a popular choice for wedding gifts and is a perfect fit for this occasion. It is lively and not overly formal, with design features which reference popular script typefaces from the 1950s.

Ink free is a casual print font which looks nice for quotes or messages due to its handwritten quality.

Traveling Typewriter, made from an old Danish type writter, carries a cute vintage aesthetic which pairs well with down to earth personalities and mountain designs.

Hopefully this guide has helped give you some ideas and gotten you excited about creating some designs! Plus our team of designers are here to help you make the best choices, so don't be afraid to try things out!

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