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Winter Instagram Photo Challenge! - Win a FREE LAMOSE Bottle!

Winter Instagram Photo Challenge! - Win a FREE LAMOSE Bottle!

Extreme Cold Weather Alert

If you live in Alberta, you've already been experiencing some record breaking cold temperatures. Lately it's been around -25 to -30 degrees Celcius and the cold looks like it's going to stick around all week. So why not make the best of it with a little fun?

Read through for a quick tutorial on how to take some cool Instagram worthy photos using some boiling hot water. We've even got a little challenge for you with a chance to WIN a FREE bottle from LAMOSE!


Step 1: Boil some water

To do this, you're going to need boiling hot water. The hotter, the better. The reason hotter water works better is because it will create much more steam when it's dispersed into the cold air.


Step 2: Throw it

Take your boiling hot water outside (careful not to burn yourself) and quickly toss it in the air. You'll see the water instantly dissipate into an amazing frozen vapour! The LAMOSE Robson and Moraine bottles are perfect for doing this. The insulated bottles will keep the boiling hot water hot to take to your destination & won't burn your hands while carrying it there!


Step 3: Photograph

Find an interesting angle and take a photo of it. It's such a unique looking phenomenon - you're going to want to take several photos. You can either shoot in burst mode (pressing and holding the shutter button on your smartphone will do this) or try shooting a slow mo video!


Step 4: Post it on Instagram!


Take your favourite shot and post it to Instagram. Tag us using #LamoseGo #LamoseWinterChallenge for your chance to WIN a FREE bottle from LAMOSE!

*Contest closes when the weather is no longer cold enough to do this (looks like temperatures will warm up by Sunday, January 19th) Winner will be announced January 21, 2020
**We encourage you to use your LAMOSE drink ware for this challenge if you already own a bottle. However, you DO NOT need to use a LAMOSE bottle in order to enter this contest.

Weather for Calgary
Weather for Edmonton

Creative tips: We want to see you get creative with this challenge! Find a unique way to shoot a photo or video of it and we'll feature it on our social media.

- Add food colouring to the water to make different coloured steam
- Try throwing it in different ways to get different shapes or patterns in the air
- Shoot at sunset with the sun behind your subject to create a cool glow behind the steam

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