Part 1 - Top Canadian Natural Lip Balm Makers: Discover the Finest in Lip Care

Introduction to Natural Lip Balms

In today's world, where natural beauty is gaining momentum, the importance of using natural lip balms cannot be overstated. Unlike their conventional counterparts, natural lip balms are crafted with ingredients that not only nourish but also protect your lips without the use of harsh chemicals. This series aims to spotlight fifteen top Canadian lip balm makers renowned for their commitment to using natural ingredients and minimal preservatives. Join us on this journey as we explore these exceptional brands, each with its own unique story and offerings.

Featuring First Five Canadian Natural Lip Balm Makers


Situated in Calgary, Alberta, Lowens prides itself on crafting lip balms with 80% local, 60% certified organic ingredients. Their lip balms are flavored with honey harvested from their own hives, adding a touch of sweetness to the natural goodness. As advocates for cruelty-free products, Lowens ensures that their lip balms are not only good for lips but also good for the planet.

Wild Prairie Soap Company Inc.

Located in NW, Edmonton, Wild Prairie Soap Company offers a lip balm crafted with sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, providing rich moisturization and protection against environmental elements. Their commitment to using safe ingredients suitable for all skin types ensures that customers can enjoy long-lasting hydration without worry. With added vitamin E for extra protection, Wild Prairie Soap Company's lip balm is a staple for those seeking natural lip care solutions.

Lamb Soapworks

Hailing from Airdrie, Alberta, Lamb Soapworks delights customers with its luxurious lip butter made from locally sourced ingredients. Their natural beeswax lip butter combines Alberta beeswax, olive oil, unrefined cocoa butter, coconut oil, and rosehip oil for an indulgent lip care experience. Customers rave about the irresistible scents and the nourishing properties of Lamb Soapworks' lip balms.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, YYCWAX takes inspiration from the hive, offering a range of lip balms themed around beeswax. Each product contains something harvested from a beehive, emphasizing the brand's connection with nature. YYCWAX lip balms are not only extremely popular but also serve as a creative outlet for users to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world.

Nat's Organic Lab

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Nat's Organic Lab stands out for its dedication to purity and quality. Their skin care products, including lip balms, are crafted using 100% organic ingredients, ensuring customers receive clean beauty products that effectively nourish and restore skin naturally. Free from parabens, sulfates, and cruelty, Nat's lip balms offer a guilt-free solution for everyday lip care needs.

Preserving Your Lip Balm: Storage and Protection

It's important to be aware that elevated temperatures can cause your lip balm to soften or even melt. To maintain its quality, store it in a cool environment. Ensure the safety of your premium lip balms with our innovative Insulated Lip Balm case. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on leading Canadian lip balm brands!