Grand Park High School
Graduation Gifts

High school graduation gifts are very special for the graduates and for the parents. Graduation is a significant milestone in one’s life. It marks the end of student life and the beginning of adult life. Everyone wants to do something special to make this moment memorable. A customized water bottle is one of the most unique options to gift to your loved one.

We'd like to share with you something that the grand park high school students will be receiving this year. It's not a rare gift for other students, but for students graduating in 2021, it's an extraordinary gift.

When we received this inquiry, we were both happy and sad. In the past year, high school seniors have faced many great challenges. Not only has their class time been affected, but also their studying time. No matter what, they still continued to work hard and be happy for themselves.

We are honored to be selected to produce this gift. In order for our bottles to be clearly visible from a distance, we used the laser engraving method to make sure that the text was engraved very clearly. The font we used called Jersey, which is commonly used for school projects.

This is a sweet memory for them as they move into the next chapter of their lives. Hopefully, they will remember this as they're heading out of high school and out onto the next phase of their lives in 2021. 

Robson 21oz snow Insulated Water Bottle Lamose Engraved Graduation Gifts

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