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This coffee originates from El Diamante, a farm nestled in the Huila region of Colombia, situated at an elevation of 1650 meters above sea level. Under Alejandro's meticulous care, each section of the farm is dedicated to specific coffee varieties, ensuring optimal health and growth for each. Notably, one of these varieties is Tabi, named after the word "tabi," meaning "good" in a native Colombian dialect. This hybrid variety is renowned for its positive cup qualities and enhanced resistance to diseases like leaf rust.

During harvest seasons, Alejandro enlists the help of local workers to handpick the coffee cherries. The harvested coffee undergoes depulping before being fermented in concrete tanks for 48-70 hours, followed by drying in parabolic dryers.

Presently, Alejandro and his team are focused on revitalizing both their mill and farm, with plans to introduce new coffee varieties in the near future. 

Tastes like:

Dark Chocolate
ORIGIN: Huila, Colombia

PROCESS: Anaerobic