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Vanilla x Passion fruit x Rum

  • Region: Huila (Colombia) - Honduras
  • Variety: Heirloom - Pareinema
  • Altitude: 1400-1600m
  • Process: Cofermentation with washed passion fruit
  • Producer: Brayan Alvear and Sara Priscilla

    🎉 Discover "C'est la fête" : Our Exclusive Festive Blend! ☕️🎊

    "C'est la fête" is finally here, the blend so long awaited by many coffee lovers! Designed with a specific vision in mind - to recreate the cocktail experience in a coffee version. Our artisanal process began in our workshop in Sainte-Julie, where we patiently churned the exceptional coffee of Sara Priscilla from Honduras for several months. This coffee was aged in a bourbon barrel that had previously held rum, adding a unique dimension.

    In collaboration with our partners at Forest Coffee, we discovered a passion fruit co-fermented coffee, adding an exotic touch to our creation. The marriage of these two coffees transports us to the world of Tiki cocktails, with deep notes of vanilla followed by the explosion of passion fruit aromas, finally concluding with the bewitching subtlety of rum. The result? A festive cup of coffee of extraordinary complexity and unrivalled delicacy.

    Every sip of "C'est la fête" is a celebration in itself. The harmonious notes and delicious nuances make this coffee a daily pleasure. Once you've tasted this unique sensory experience, you won't be able to get enough. The party's just getting started, and it's happening in every cup of our exclusive festive blend. Join us for an unforgettable caffeinated adventure! 🌟☕️

    For espresso we recommend:

    18 grams of coffee in the filter holder for 35 grams of liquid coffee in 25 seconds.