Detour Coffee Roaster - Punch Buggy Espresso

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Product Type: Coffee Bean
Size: 300g

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Tasting Profile & Structure
  • Chocolate
  • Hazelnut
  • Cherry
  • Balanced: layered, structured

Why we love this coffee

Old faithful!! Rich and balanced with loads of sugar browning aromatics, a syrupy texture and sweet flavours of deep chocolate, nut and cherry. This coffee always gives us Reese’s peanut butter cup vibes. Can’t really go wrong.

Coffee Style
Espresso Balanced

Like the classic VW beetle, Punch Buggy is unique, friendly, and suits all occasions. As Detour’s flagship coffee, this blend is built around the love of coffees from the Cachoeira da Grama farm in Brazil, Punch Buggy maintains a Brazil base while rotating fresh, vibrant seasonal Central American coffees through the blend.

Origin Brazil Mogiana + Guatemala Huehuetenango
Variety Bourbon + Various
Process Natural + Washed
Producer Gabriel de Carvhalo Dios + Various Smallholders
Farm Cachoeira da Grama + Various
Altitude 1200 to 1800 MASL