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Berries x Grapefruit x Apple

  • Region:¬†Santa Rosa
  • Variety:¬†tekisic
  • Altitude:¬†1720 m
  • Farm: Finca Batres II
  • Producer: David Batres
  • Process: yellow honey anaerobic
  • Roast: Light

The journey of this coffee begins with harvesting at precisely 21-27 brix degrees, indicating optimal ripeness. After weighing on the farm, the coffee undergoes transportation to a drying area in Quesada, Jutiapa, located at a lower altitude of 990 meters. Here, the coffee is immersed in water, pulped, and left to ferment in Ecotact bags for 96 hours without oxygen. Subsequently, it is placed on raised beds for initial drying and mucilage drainage. The meticulous drying process includes hourly rotations and careful management of sunlight exposure to maintain quality. Over 12 days, from picking on March 8 to reaching 11.3% humidity on March 24, the coffee undergoes careful drying. Finally, the dried coffee is stored in Ecotact bags for 1-2 months, ensuring optimal preservation of its quality and flavors.