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Size: 4 - Cup

Introducing the HARIO V60 4-Cup Paper Filters, meticulously crafted to elevate your pour-over coffee brewing experience. Designed specifically for 02 type pour-over brewers, capable of producing 1-4 cups of rich, aromatic coffee with each brew. Crafted from 100% oxygen-bleached paper pulp, these filters ensure purity and consistency in every cup.

What sets these filters apart is their commitment to sustainability. With Forest Stewardship Council approval, these filters promote responsible management of the world's forests, making them an environmentally conscious choice for coffee enthusiasts who value ethical sourcing and eco-friendly practices.

Experience the perfect balance of convenience, quality, and sustainability with HARIO V60 4-Cup Paper Filters. Start your day right with a delicious cup of coffee brewed with care and consideration for both taste and the planet.