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In the year 2013, a transformative chapter began for La Laguneta with its acquisition by Mr. HĂ©ctor Ricardo Leal Pivaral. Upon assuming ownership, Mr. HĂ©ctor embarked on a mission to rejuvenate and revitalize the once-abandoned farm, breathing new life into its soil and infrastructure.

Under Mr. HĂ©ctor's stewardship, La Laguneta is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis. The farm is witnessing a resurgence, with extensive replanting efforts introducing new and unconventional coffee varieties. Complementing this rejuvenation are innovative drying techniques, including the adoption of raised African beds and the construction of greenhouses, enhancing the quality and consistency of the beans.

Looking ahead, La Laguneta is poised for further innovation and exploration. The horizon is brimming with projects aimed at pushing the boundaries of coffee processing techniques. Already underway is the production of naturally processed coffees, heralding the beginning of a new era for La Laguneta. With Mr. HĂ©ctor's visionary leadership, the future promises even more exciting developments, ensuring La Laguneta remains at the forefront of the coffee industry for years to come.


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ORIGIN: Acatenango, Guatemala

VARIETY: Various