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Blend of fully traceable, direct trade coffees from our favourite producers.



bright and balanced

TASTE NOTES | toffee, seasonal berries, nougat

Created to be the crowd pleaser, we wanted to stay true to ourselves and push the limits of what we expect specialty coffee to be. In espresso, expect big round chocolate notes, developed caramelised sugars and well balanced acidity. In batch brew, expect a rich clean cup. Comfort and complexity that you can sip all day. This profile offers complexity for the experienced barista and inviting approachability for the first time coffee drinker.

espresso in: 18-20gout: 40-44gtime: 30-35stemp: 94-96cTDS: 8-10%

filter ratio: 65g/1000ml (6.5g/100ml)

temp: 94-96c

TDS: 1.35-1.45%

All of our coffees are recommended at 21-23% extraction.