Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters- Myanmar - Myay Ni Kone | Catuai - Natural

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This natural Myanmar coffee is sweet and silky with a bit of comfortable earthiness and notes of:
  • Pear
  • Blueberry
  • White Grape
  • Almond
  • Vanilla

ORIGIN Myanmar

REGIONY wangan, Shan State, Myanmar

FARMS 140 smallholders in Myay Ni Kone

OWNER Shwe Taung Thu Coffee





More about Shwe Taung Thu and Myay Ni Kone

Shwe Taung Thu farmers group, which translates to ‘Golden Farmer’, is made up of Danu and Pa-O smallholder farmers who are producing specialty coffee in the Ywangan area of Southern Shan State, in the east part of Myanmar. The group provides leadership, finance, technical assistance and market linkages for its members with the objective of bringing fairer trade conditions for its coffees.

Coffees produced by Shwe Taung Thu are named after the villages where the coffee is grown and processed. Each community has its own working group which is responsible for managing the processing of the coffee within each village. The focus is exclusively on producing dry naturals – the climate and terroir is particularly suited to this process, with very dry heat during the harvest season providing excellent conditions for drying.

Myay Ni Kone means "Red Earth Town" due to the surrounding rich red soil that helps nourish the coffee,  forest, citrus, bamboo, and other vegetables.  Myay Ni Kone is relatively new to specialty coffee but we are quite impressed with their work - The town takes great pride in their coffee and the trees are very well taken care of. We are very proud to roast this coffee for you.

We visited Shwe Taung Thu in Myanmar in early 2023.