zeroHero - Walnut Prisma Dripper

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Color: Clear

zeroHero - Walnut Prisma Dripper



  • Color: Clear

  • Capacity: 2 cups

  • Material: Walnut, Glass, cuprum



Golden Cup Extraction Channel

In line with the golden cup extraction standard, the TDS  index is between 1.25 - 1.35. The 58° angle design for better extraction. 

12 Ridges Design

There are 24 W ridges on the top inner wall of the dripper, which can delay the water flow speed and fully extract; 12 ridges are raised at the bottom of the inner wall. Promote air flow, increase water flow.

High Precision Glass 

3.3 mm thick glass, once piece glass, high precision, keep balance and preserve heat, exquisite and elegant outlook. 

Separate Design

1 second disassemble and assemble, efficient and labor-saving, fixed-point separation structure, more convenient to travel. rate, and prevent coffee from being over-extracted and affecting the taste.

Food Grade Silicon Base

It is as safe as a baby bottle, shock absorption and noise reduction, easy to disassemble and easy to carry when going out.