14 Unique and Personalized Gifts Ideas for Your Corporate

Updated  on March 4, 2022

Unique and Personalized Gifts Ideas for Your Corporate Events

When it comes to the corporate gift, you want something that will be appreciated and keep your employees happy. You also want something that will make your company look good. And of course, you want to get the best deal possible.

There are many benefits of using a customized corporate gift as a reward for employees. It can be used to show appreciation for an employee’s hard work, promote teamwork, or just give an employee something special.The benefits of using a customized corporate gift as a reward for employees include:-A personalized gift will be appreciated by the recipient-A personalized gift promotes teamwork-A personalized gift gives the recipient something special

Take a look at some of the personalized gifts we've made for these great companies

1. Draw your team as a cartoon and engrave it on water bottles

In an effort to build brand loyalty, this company spent time adding their logo and cartoon character to their water bottles. This way, each team member can receive one bottle delivered directly to their door.

2. Consider engraving your company logo on a black colored mug for the best contrast. 

One of the most popular options is to engrave your company logo on a black coffee mug. This results in a stainless steel engraved logo color, which is best for readability contrasts.

@lamosego Personalized insulated mug with company logo and team member's name engraved and ship to everyone's home directly to surprise them👏🏻 #teamgift ♬ 原聲 - LAMOSE

3. Etch your logo onto this water bottle, personalize with the name of your team and place a QR code at the bottom.

QR codes are a popular way to market on social media. In the past, creating custom QR codes was a tedious task that required expensive software and technical expertise. Nowadays, there are some tools out there to make this process easier for you, even if you don't have any design or coding skills. These tools will generate QR codes for almost any marketing campaign and can be accessed for free online.


Dont scan this!!!🙀

♬ 原聲 - LAMOSE

4. Engrave gaming logo on 12oz tumbler

For this project, we need to resize the logo in order for it to fit on our Tumblr property. This is because the logo is not a vector image, so we'll need to recreate some of its elements. Just make sure you engrave them nice and sharp and then our Tumblr icon will be perfect!

5. Personalized water bottle for firefighter

This project is interesting, too, because the original local file was in full color, we have to recreate some of the elements, make sure they can engrave nicely on our water bottle

We had to invert the logo on the dark water bottle and make sure it looked nice. Many people miss this detail.

Finally, we will add numbering to make it more personal. 

7. Personalize this water bottle with team members photos

This is one of the most complicated and super awesome projects we've ever done. To design and personalize each water bottle with each team member's face.

All the photos were taken from their Slack communication channel. The gift planning team started this so secretly. Nobody knew until they opened their gift.

Besides having a photo on each bottle, they also included a note to personalize each bottle.

8. Realtor gift for client after closing the sale

If a client is purchasing or selling their home, they may appreciate a realtor's present after the sale. This will help them to feel appreciated, which can benefit customer loyalty in the long term

Of course, you can choose a gift basket mixed with wine, chocolate, and other items that will likely be consumed in a week. 

Meanwhile, a durable water bottle with your brand on it will last a lot longer. And your clients will actually use it, bringing your logo everywhere.

9. Nice and big name engraving plus your logo at the bottom

If you're bold and artsy, then you can choose this design option with the logo engraved on the bottle and the team member's name prominently displayed in the center.

Vertical warnings can give the largest possible great result. This is a great option for people to make bold impressions.

Of course, there are many fan options you can choose from, such as something cursive like this one or something more bulky that is nice too.

10. The best gift for the nurse is something they can use every day.

Nurses are some of the hardest working professionals, and they deserve a gift that can be used every day to make their lives easier.

Not every organization has the capacity and resources to design their own logo and gifts. That's where we come in for this project; all we had was a sketch on a post-it. and then everything left for us to design. 

But that's not a problem for us. Based on all the information we have, we choose the font, we choose the design, and we put together a mockup for them to review before finalizing this.

Oh, another big challenge on this project. It is that we have to ship 2,000 mugs to 2,000 nurses' homes directly. During Christmas!

11. Two logos combined and engraved on this white water bottle

If the events have a unique logo, we can combine two logos together.

We have to send you the design file, let us know your preferred layout format, and then we can engrave them both on the same water bottle.

12. The large logo is engraved across the bottle and the name is engraved at the bottom.

For a horizontal rectangular logo, it is best to engrave the logo across the bottle and then have your name engraved at the bottom in a horizontal fashion.

13. Rectangle logo engraved on a black mug.

If your logo is in a rectangular shape, we typically recommend engraving it as large as possible at the center of the mug and have the name engraved underneath the logo.

14. Rectangle logo engraved at the bottom of the tumbler. Add a personal message in the center of the Tumbler

If you want a special message to be added to each personalized tumbler, but don't want to reveal the name of the staff member, we can do that.