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A Perfect Blend: LAMOSE and Martin Henry Coffee Roasters

An Encounter Brewed to Perfection

Sometimes the best collaborations are brewed in the most unexpected places. Take our recent encounter with the wonderful folks at Martin Henry Coffee Roasters. This gourmet coffee company, based in Puyallup, Washington, prides itself on crafting high-quality coffees that make coffee connoisseurs swoon. Like LAMOSE, Martin Henry values quality, freshness, and excellent customer service. Our meeting at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland was nothing short of serendipitous.

The Specialty Coffee Expo, an annual gathering for coffee industry professionals, offers opportunities to exhibit products, network, and learn. It's where we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative drinkware to Dan and Debi Bennett, the dynamic owners of Martin Henry Coffee Roasters.

The Birth of a New Blend: LAMOSE and Martin Henry Coffee Roasters

Intrigued by our products, Dan and Debi followed up with us. They were particularly interested in our insulated mugs for their coffee shops. After evaluating various products, they chose our popular Grouse 20oz and the latest Louise collection straw tumbler.

Our Louise collection, with its revolutionary insulated lid design and metal handle, stood out. Unlike most competitors who use plastic lids, our innovative stainless-steel design enhances insulation by about 50%.

We were delighted to provide two different designs for their order, showing our commitment to customization and individuality. Just like Martin Henry’s unique blends, each of our products tells its own story – a commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Brewing Sustainability Together

In this world where our actions directly impact the environment, both Martin Henry Coffee Roasters and LAMOSE are committed to sustainability. Martin Henry’s dedication to sourcing high-grade, 100% Arabica coffee beans aligns with our dedication to using durable, recyclable stainless steel in our drinkware.

Let's Brew Something Together

Our collaboration with Martin Henry Coffee Roasters is a testament to our love for working with cafes. If you own a cafe and are interested in elevating your customers' experience with personalized, high-quality drinkware, we'd love to hear from you!

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