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Rustle & Still: A Taste of Vietnam in the Heart of Toronto

Hey there, let me introduce you to my friends over at Rustle & Still. Nestled in Koreatown, Toronto, they're a Vietnamese café known for their delectable Banh Mi sandwiches and authentic Vietnamese iced coffee. They've earned quite a reputation, consistently landing on the list of Toronto's best Banh Mi spots.

A Steaming Partnership

Our friendship with Rustle & Still has been brewing since 2019. It's a partnership born out of shared values - authenticity, quality, and the pursuit of a delightful customer experience. Their cozy ambiance, friendly staff, and the alluring aroma of their coffee - it's a sanctuary for coffee lovers.

A Fresh Brew of Collaboration

Recently, we've worked together on a project that involved our latest Peyto 16oz Ceramic mug and the Hudson Pro Max 16oz. Our Peyto mug, the first of its kind in Canada, features a ceramic interior and double-wall insulation, ideal for keeping drinks at the perfect temperature. The Hudson Pro Max comes with an innovative sliding leak-proof lid, a perfect match for an on-the-go lifestyle. We’re thrilled to help Rustle & Still enhance their brand with these personalized mugs that reflect their vibrant and warm spirit.

A Sip of Fun Fact

Now, here's a fun tidbit for you. Did you know Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee exporter? Vietnamese coffee is recognized worldwide for its strong, robust flavor and unique preparation style. So when you're sipping that coffee at Rustle & Still, you're partaking in a rich tradition, rooted in history.

Let's Stir Up Something Together

Rustle & Still and LAMOSE, it's a tale of friendship, strong brews, and a commitment to serving quality. If you're a café owner looking for branded drinkware that aligns with your ethos, we'd love to stir up something together.

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