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Brewing Bonds with Dark Woods: Celebrating Local Talent, One Custom Drinkware at a Time

The Brothers' Tale: Nick and Scott Bell

First, let's trace back to the origins of Dark Woods Brewing & Coffee Roasting. Nick and Scott Bell, two brothers raised in Innisfail, Alberta, found themselves on a journey they never planned for. Their shared venture started with an old Chevy, transformed into beer-fueled discussions, and culminated in a brewing business. They found joy in a hobby that brewed into a venture, generously supported by their family, friends, and their town.

Alberta Brewers and Coffee Roasters: A Unique Blend

Who would have thought that beer and coffee could make such a unique, fascinating blend? This combination is not common, but that's where the beauty lies. Fun fact - Alberta has a vibrant community of brewers and coffee roasters, making it an exciting hub for lovers of both beverages.

Celebrating Local Talent: LAMOSE's Collaboration with Dark Woods

Here at LAMOSE, we take immense pride in supporting local businesses. Our collaboration with Dark Woods has been an exciting journey. The passion they bring to their craft resonates with our own love for creating high-quality, personalized drinkware. Their choice of our Peyto Tumbler, Logan Beer Can, and Hudson Mug reflects the diverse taste of their customers and aligns perfectly with their brewing and roasting styles.

Perfect Drinkware for a Perfect Brew

Let's talk about why these are perfect for Dark Woods' customers. The Peyto Tumbler, with its double-wall insulation, keeps coffee at the perfect temperature, ensuring each sip is just as enjoyable as the first. Our Logan Insulated Beer Can gives beer lovers an opportunity to enjoy their favorite brews at the right temperature, in a sustainable and stylish way. The Hudson Mug, with its spill-proof lid, makes it an ideal companion for those coffee or beer lovers on the go.

Let's Brew Something Together

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