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Brewing Strong Connections with Timber-House Coffee: Empowering Small Canadian Businesses One Bottle at a Time

A Cosy Corner in Roblin, MB: The Timber-House Coffee Story

In the heart of Roblin, Manitoba, you'll find a home away from home. Timber-House Coffee, a charming coffee shop brought to life by Kaitlyn Wiebe, welcomes visitors with its cozy, homelike atmosphere, perfect for catching up with friends over a cup of coffee. Its charming reading corner, decked with books and games, is sure to captivate both adults and children.

Small Businesses, Big Dreams: The Canadian Landscape

Did you know that small businesses constitute a whopping 97.9% of all employer businesses in Canada? This just goes to show the immense potential they hold. Similarly, the coffee industry in Canada is teeming with small businesses that add a distinct flavor to the Canadian coffee scene, enhancing our coffee experiences with their unique offerings and quaint charm.

Brewed Together: LAMOSE's Partnership with Timber-House Coffee

Our association with Timber-House Coffee over the past year has been an exciting journey. At LAMOSE, we are committed to supporting small businesses across Canada. We admire the resilience and determination of entrepreneurs like Kaitlyn and love to contribute in our small way towards their success.

Grouse 34oz/1L: A Hydration Champion

In this collaboration, Timber-House Coffee is now featuring our largest insulated water bottle, the Grouse 34oz/1L. A fun fact for you - did you know that the recommended daily water intake is about 2 liters or half a gallon? This means that our Grouse 34oz/1L bottle, designed to keep your water cold all day, is just perfect to meet your hydration needs!

Let's Brew Success Together

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