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Brewing Knowledge & Trust: The International Centre for Pension Management & LAMOSE

The International Centre for Pension Management: Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Established in 2004, The International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) has been addressing the need for an effective dialogue between academic research and the pension fund industry. Today, it's a robust global network of 46 pension funds and related organizations managing a staggering $6 trillion in assets.

ICPM facilitates a rich exchange of knowledge through biannual Discussion Forums, educational programs, research initiatives, and public webinars, reinforcing its reputation as a thought leader in the pension management field.

Shared Values: Fostering Education, Trust and Sustainability

The ICPM and LAMOSE share the core values of education, trust, and sustainability. That's why ICPM chose our Hudson 12 oz insulated mug, engraved with their logo, as their gift of choice. This elegantly crafted mug encapsulates their dedication to fostering education, reinforcing trust, and promoting sustainability in the world of pension management.

Fun Fact and Challenges in the Pension Management Industry

Did you know that worldwide pension fund assets are estimated to be over $46.5 trillion? That's an impressive number signifying the importance of effective pension management!

However, the industry also faces numerous challenges. From regulatory changes and an aging population to the need for digital transformation and addressing climate change risks, pension management organizations must continuously adapt to maintain trust and ensure financial security for their beneficiaries.

Elevate Your Corporate Gifting with LAMOSE

Our collaboration with the ICPM highlights the power of a thoughtful corporate gift. The Hudson 12 oz insulated mug serves not only as a functional item but also as a symbol of the values that the ICPM cherishes.

Looking to level up your corporate gifting? We're here to help! Fill out the form below and let's discuss how we can create a unique corporate gift that reflects your brand's ethos and leaves a lasting impression.

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