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Embrace Adventure with LAMOSE’s Brand Ambassador Program

Hello to all you outdoor enthusiasts, environment lovers, and waste reducers! We have thrilling news for you! LAMOSE, your favorite Canadian brand specializing in high-quality drinkware, is thrilled to announce the launch of our Brand Ambassador Program.

At LAMOSE, we don't just make drinkware, we create unique, personal memories. As the only brand in the world to offer photo engraving, we help you make your bottle as distinctive as your personality. You may have seen our products trusted and tested in prestigious establishments like the Fairmont Hotel or enjoyed by coffee aficionados at GoodEarth Coffee.


Why are we looking for Brand Ambassadors? Because our community is our strength. We believe in the power of passionate people who adore outdoor activities and aim to reduce waste. Our community is the backbone that helps us promote an environmentally and socially friendly product that doesn't compromise on quality.

Join the LAMOSE Brand Ambassador Program

The LAMOSE Brand Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for you to partner with us and contribute to a larger cause. It’s more than just a partnership; it's a chance to be part of an exciting mission to create a more sustainable world, one high-quality, personalized drinkware at a time.

Rewards Await You

And it gets better. As a Brand Ambassador, every purchase made using your unique code will earn you a 10% cash reward! It's a fantastic way to do what you love, share your passion with others, and get rewarded for it.

Sounds exciting, right? If you're passionate about the outdoors, committed to reducing waste, and love our planet as much as we do, we’d love to meet you. Head over to our Brand Ambassador page to apply.

Your Adventure Begins Here

So why wait? Get on board with a brand that's as unique and passionate as you. Join us in promoting an environmentally friendly product that's tested and trusted by Canadians. We're excited to welcome you to our team and can't wait to meet every one of you. Let's make a difference together. Talk soon!

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