Chen - March 17 2020

Free Logo Digitization Service for Small Businesses

Since Covid-19 started impacting our economies, LAMOSE as a small business felt it strongly. I am sure many other small businesses feel the same. The million dollar question is: what we are going to do? 

The reality is, there isn't much we can do to change the current situation. However, the one thing we can do is to trust each other more than ever and believe we can get through this all together (by social distancing).

We started to think besides making custom bottles, what else can we do to help other small businesses during this difficult time? We are a group of people who are passionate about designs, so why not put our design skills to good use? Our answer is that we can help small businesses with designs! Guess what we have been working with on daily basis: logo designs - we can help small businesses with their logo designs.

Here is what we are offering: If you have a logo that is not in vector format, feel free to send to us, and we will do our best to digitize it for you! This means we will make a vector format logo for you free of charge!

3 Reasons Your Business Must Have Vector Logo

1. Scalable. The best part of vector file is that you can scale it to any size you want! From billboard to business card size, all you need is just one vector file.

2. Clarity. When you resize your logo for different use, your logo will remain sharp and clear. You will not see any hair or pixels when using it for printing or on the computer. 

3. Convenience. One file to rule them all. Once you have your vector file, you can use it anywhere for any applications, and our designers love it!

Free Logo Digitizing Service

If you are small business like us, feel free to send your logo to us. It can be a photo from your outdoor signage or an existing  jpeg file. Let us help you - we hope we can put our design skills to good use!