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Fresh Brews and Mountain Views: A Celebration of Bugaboos Bakery Cafe and LAMOSE

A Slice of Mountain Life at Bugaboos Bakery Cafe

Perched at the heart of Silver Star Village, Bugaboos Bakery Cafe is more than just a cafe - it's a beacon of warmth, deliciousness, and community spirit. With panoramic views of the Monashee Mountains, this ski-in/ski-out cafe and bakery is the go-to spot for snow-lovers to refuel with fresh-roasted coffee, hot chocolates, cappuccinos, mochas, and more.

Did you know that the term 'Bugaboo' originates from the Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia, renowned for its spectacular mountain ranges and pristine glaciers? It's a fitting name for a cafe that offers its visitors an equally stunning view of the Monashee Mountains!

Celebrating A Legacy

Owned by Frank Berkers, who started his entrepreneurial journey 37 years ago in the Netherlands, Bugaboos Bakery Cafe has been serving its mountain community for a commendable 25 years. Over these years, the cafe has been filled with laughter, chatter, and cherished memories shared between customers, staff, friends, and family.

A Partnership Brewed Over Time

Our relationship with Bugaboos Bakery Cafe started in 2019 and has only grown stronger since. Together, we've introduced various products including our Logan insulated beer can, the leak-proof Grouse 12oz tumbler, and our bestseller, the Peyto 16oz insulated coffee tumbler.

Brewing up Fun Facts

Here's a fun fact for you - did you know that the science behind bakery goods, like bread rising, is often attributed to the same fermentation process that makes beer? In a way, brewing coffee and baking bread aren't too different!

And when it comes to Silver Star Mountain, did you know that it’s named after the Silver Star mining claim, which dates back to the 1890s? It's now a famous ski resort known for its champagne powder and beautiful ski-in/ski-out village.

And lastly, a surprising coffee fact for ski enthusiasts: caffeine not only provides a much-needed energy boost during skiing but can also improve physical performance. Now, who's ready for a coffee break?

Let's Create More Mountain Memories Together

Do you run a unique location like Bugaboos Bakery Cafe that could benefit from branded, high-quality drinkware? Let's take your customer experience to new heights! Fill out the form below, and let's get started.

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