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From Wolfdogs to Insulated Drinkware: A Unique Partnership between LAMOSE and The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary


Nestled near Cochrane, Alberta, the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary provides a home for beautiful and misunderstood wolfdogs. In addition to its crucial conservation work, the Sanctuary also houses an inspiring gift shop that offers more than just mementos. Since 2018, the Sanctuary's gift shop has partnered with LAMOSE, a Canadian brand specializing in premium custom insulated drinkware, to offer products that provide a lasting reminder of the Sanctuary's vital mission.

Collaboration Born from a Shared Mission

When the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary was established in 2011, its mission was clear: promote public awareness and education about wolfdogs and their wild counterparts, reduce backyard breeding, and further the importance of wolf conservation. Over the years, the Sanctuary has welcomed visitors to learn about the unique nature of wolfdogs and wolves, striving to become a resource for the conservation of these magnificent creatures in the wild.

In 2018, LAMOSE saw an opportunity to aid in this mission by providing the Sanctuary's gift shop with a line of custom insulated drinkware that not only served as practical keepsakes for visitors but also reinforced the Sanctuary's cause.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

This partnership has been advantageous for both parties. LAMOSE has been able to showcase products such as the Peyto Tumbler, Hudson Mug, Robson Bottle, and Grouse Tumblers, all designed with engraved images of the Sanctuary's resident wolfdogs and logo. These quality products serve as a reminder of the Sanctuary’s mission and provide lasting value to its visitors.

For the Sanctuary, the partnership has added a unique dimension to their gift shop, allowing visitors to take home a premium quality, environmentally friendly product that also supports their cause. With LAMOSE’s flexible design options and no setup fees, the Sanctuary can offer a wide variety of products and designs at a low cost.

An Invitation to Gift Shop Owners

Are you a gift shop owner looking for premium quality, custom merchandise to enhance your offerings and engage your customers? At LAMOSE, we are eager to partner with you, offering flexible product selection, color options, and design possibilities. Our commitment is to help you provide your customers with products of lasting value, all while reinforcing your brand and mission.

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