Hatch Coffee: A Journey from Africa to Markham

In the bustling city of Markham, Ontario, nestled among the urban landscape, stood the thriving roastery of Hatch Coffee. It was a place where the aroma of freshly roasted beans wafted through the air, enticing passersby to step inside and indulge in the world of specialty coffee.

Alfonso's African Inspiration

Alfonso's journey into the realm of specialty coffee began years earlier, in the vibrant landscapes of Africa. It was there that he first experimented with roasting coffee on a makeshift roaster, driven by a deep-seated curiosity and love for the craft. The taste of that first batch of roasted beans ignited a fire within him, setting him on a path towards realizing his dreams in the world of coffee.

From Passion to Business: The Birth of Hatch Coffee

With unwavering determination, Alfonso returned to Canada in 2014, determined to turn his passion into a thriving business. The journey was not without its challenges, but Alfonso's dedication and vision propelled him forward.

In 2016, Hatch Coffee made its mark with the launch of its cold brew line, captivating coffee lovers across the nation with its bold flavors and innovative approach.

Startup: Pioneering Cold Brew and Crafting a Distinctive Roasting Method

From the very beginning, Hatch Coffee placed a special emphasis on cold brew, recognizing its untapped potential in the market. This decision marked the initiation of a unique journey in roasting, one that set them apart from traditional approaches.

As with most startups, Hatch encountered hurdles during its early stages. However, their unwavering dedication to their vision kept them focused and resilient amidst the challenges they faced.

Evolving Excellence: Hatch Coffee's Journey

With each passing year, Hatch Coffee embarked on a journey of evolution, broadening its repertoire to encompass freshly roasted coffee beans and establishing a delightful café within its roastery premises. Throughout this transformative process, Alfonso's unwavering dedication to both quality and innovation remained steadfast, evident in every facet of the business.

This relentless commitment to excellence not only garnered Hatch Coffee praise and recognition but also earned the admiration of the wider coffee community, solidifying its position as a beacon of excellence within the industry.

Embracing the Future: Fueled by Passion and Innovation

As the team at Hatch Coffee gazes toward the horizon, they are fueled by an unwavering passion for their craft and an insatiable thirst for innovation. With their journey far from reaching its conclusion, they eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. Their commitment to pushing boundaries knows no bounds as they embark on a quest to explore new possibilities and further elevate the world of specialty coffee.

Through their ongoing dedication, Hatch Coffee aspires to continue sharing their love for exceptional coffee with enthusiasts worldwide, inspiring others to embrace the artistry and joy found in each cup.

Experience the difference with Hatch Coffee where passion meets perfection in every cup.