Unveiling the Story of Rosso Coffee Roasters: A Journey of Passion and Excellence

In September 2007, the birth of Rosso Coffee Roasters signaled the fulfillment of a long-held aspiration as Ramsay welcomed its first customers. Guided by the vision of David, the mastermind behind Rosso, the early stages witnessed his personal involvement in all facets of the café's operation.

As time progressed, Rosso embarked on a journey of growth, establishing additional venues in prominent areas like Calgary's bustling downtown core and Victoria Park. This expansion underscored Rosso's increasing prominence within the local coffee community, showcasing its commitment to providing exceptional coffee experiences across various neighborhoods.

Rosso's Coffee Evolution: From Local Roasting to Global Partnerships

A pivotal moment arrived in November 2012 with the introduction of a Probat L12 coffee roaster at the Ramsay location, following immersive experiences and learning journeys in the United States. Rosso embarked on international travels to countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Colombia to source green coffee directly from producers, solidifying partnerships and understanding the intricacies of coffee production.

A Journey of Excellence and Innovation

In 2016, Rosso Coffee Roasters expanded rapidly, opening three new locations, including a flagship venue in Inglewood, Calgary. This growth was accompanied by notable awards, including the ATB Small Business of the Year and recognition in Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 list.

Rosso's commitment to excellence was further demonstrated through victories in prestigious barista competitions, showcasing their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Today, operating as Rosso Coffee Roasters, their vision is clear: a focus on quality, service, and a deeper understanding of coffee production. Led by the partnership of Jessie and Cole, Rosso strives to tell the stories of their coffees, producers, and partners, fostering a narrative of growth and passion in every cup.

Forging Bonds: Rosso Coffee's Commitment to Coffee Producers and Farmers

In Rosso Coffee's journey, their commitment to ethical sourcing and strong ties with coffee producers and farmers is symbolized by a small handshake icon on their packaging.

This emblem represents their dedication to specific farms, cooperatives, or community projects, with the number above it signifying the years of collaboration and visits to these operations. Each bag adorned with this symbol ensures fair pricing for the producer, fostering a sustainable future for all involved.

Fostering Connections: The Backbone of Rosso Coffee's Endeavors

In Rosso Coffee's operations, relationships form the backbone of their endeavors, extending to the land, the individuals residing on or near the farms, their team members, and their valued customers. This emblem, prominently featured on their coffee bags, signifies the unwavering dedication and long-term partnerships with coffee producers.

A Sip Towards Quality, Sustainability, and Community Impact

In choosing Rosso Coffee, consumers are not merely selecting a beverage; they are embracing a commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. With each sip, they support a company that prioritizes ethical sourcing, fosters long-term relationships with coffee producers, and invests in a sustainable future for all involved.

Rosso's dedication to excellence, from the farm to the cup, ensures a rich and flavorful experience that not only delights the palate but also uplifts the spirit. With Rosso Coffee, consumers not only enjoy a superior coffee but also become part of a movement towards positive change in the coffee industry.

Step into the world of Rosso Coffee Roasters and embark on a journey of flavor and connection.

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