Yufan Zhang - Updated on April 01 2020

LAMOSE Is Donating Medical Face Masks Amid COVID-19

We donated 100 medical face masks to McKenzie Towne Long Term Care Home where the first death was reported in Calgary.

After the last email we sent on March 24, we have received lots of feedback and support from our beloved customers. It melts our hearts to see that most of our customers chose to donate to local hospitals. While we are still waiting for the response from AHS regarding face mask donation, our team has decided to immediately donate 100 face masks to senior residents and staff at Mckenzie Towne Care Home. In addition to the first death in Calgary, there are 3 members who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and 11 have shown symptoms up to date. 

LAMOSE has committed to donate 100% of net profits to local hospitals and people in need.

Sheena, LAMOSE design consultant 

We have received feedback from individuals who addressed their concerns about giving face masks to the public instead of donating them all to local hospitals. As mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, we all have loved ones to take care of. We felt the need to help the general public who are at risk. We understand how hard it is to purchase face masks from local pharmacies amid the Coronavirus outbreak. People who are in self-quarantine or who need to take care of ill family members don’t have masks to protect themselves. After our supplier gifted us a limited number of face masks, our team members unanimously decided to donate them to people in need. As a local Canadian company, we want to do our best to support our community as much as we can. Amid this health crisis, our team also elected to donate 100% of our net profits to help our community during this extremely difficult time until further notice.

Together we can make a difference.

We shut down all of our retail stores and encouraged our employees to work from home. We are doing our best to avoid layoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic. As a small business, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support to keep LAMOSE alive. We can’t survive without YOU. We have contacted our supplier who might be able to purchase more masks to help us. In this case, we will be donating more face masks to help local hospitals and people in need as much as we can! If you have direct contact to a local hospital in the Calgary area, please contact us

Thank you for being part of the LAMOSE community. Stay strong and stay together!

Update on April 01 2020

We donated an additional 100 medical face masks to Rosedale Seniors Living, where one death was reported on March 30.

What do you do to keep yourself positive and motivated at home during the strict social isolation? I hope knowing how we are supporting our community at LAMOSE can put a smile on your face.  

We recently learned one resident tested positive with COVID-19 at Rosedale on the Park in downtown Edmonton on March 21, followed by a death reported on March 30. After hearing this heartbreaking news, we decided to donate an additional 100 medical face masks to the members and staff at the Rosedale home. As a local small business, nothing we do can compare to the efforts of the frontline workers who risk their lives to save people and keep us safe. Our team at LAMOSE wants to offer support in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. As promised, LAMOSE will donate 100% of net profits for the foreseeable future to help our community amid COVID-19. After reaching out to our supplier, our team has gained access to more fask masks which we will be donating in the coming weeks.  

Each purchase you make helps toward funding additional face masks which we will be donating to other healthcare facilities in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to do our part in spreading positive news. We will get through this together!