Yolanda Huo - March 26 2020

The Right Way to Choose Business Gifts for VIP Customers 

“What kind of gifts should I choose for my VIP customers?” If you are in the human resource department, a business development representative or manager of a company, this may be a difficult question for you to find a solution for. This has been a question that always bothers you if you are the human resource, the business development representative, or the manager of a company. A key part of building brand loyalty and improving customer advocate is to differentiate VIP customers by letting them know how much you appreciate their business and how important they are to you (Marissa, 2016). Thus, offering VIP customers special premium gifts is important.  

In order to choose the right gift, it is important to consider gifts from the customer's perspective rather than yours. Everyone loves gifts that are valuable to themselves, which means the gift you give should be about them not you. Custom gifts make an excellent first choice when considering what to get. We’ve come up with three VIP customer gift ideas for you to choose, which are bound to impress.

1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are easily personalized by selecting the right basket and items to go inside. both of the gifts inside and the basket itself. Items inside the baskets can be chosen according to the customers’ gender, personality, or lifestyle.The only thing needed to be done is determine the characteristics of your VIP customers, then go out to buy a variety of related items. Once done, find a nice package to wrap these things up, and the gift basket is complete. If you want to make it even more personal, you can even customize the baskets.

A traditional gift basket is considered a cheap gift, but things have changed today. It is known that a gift basket is filled with a variety of gifts. The right gift basket can be custom tailored to suit the interests of the recipient. Gift baskets can also be custom made by adding products with a certain shape or color to fit a theme or specific occasion. A personal hand written card may also be placed in the basket to create a closer relationship with the customer. 

By customizing the basket, it will also help reduce the probability of giving the wrong gift. Additionally, having a premium look will make it look much more presentable.Custom gift baskets also make it a great way to make sure the recipient does not receive something they already have or something they do no need. For instance, if the recipient is a makeup lover, you may choose to give her a bottle of perfume. But what if she already got one? However, if you give her a basket containing a variety of products such as lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, etc. She will definitely find something she loves, which makes it a sure fire way you give the right gift.

However, a perfect gift basket asks you to know more about the customers’ personality or lifestyle. If there is not enough known about the customer as a person (not just a customer), it may not be the perfect gift for them. Sometimes, this can also be a bit pricey if you have a limited budget for business gifts. Especially when your VIP customers love something expensive. Then you may need to consider other choices.

2. Personalized Drinkware 

Drinkware has always been a great idea for business gifts. It can be given as a single gift on its own or be one of the items contained inside a gift basket. There are many drinkware options such as water bottles, mugs and tumblers, and choosing the right one can really strengthen the relationship with VIP customers. Personalized drinkware with customers’ individual names on it instead of just your business branding on it shows how much you value your VIP customers. As for custom methods, laser-engraving is more recommended compared to printed bottles. Not only does it have a more premium look, but it is also deemed higher quality since it is permanent and will not peel or fade. 

Another reason that a water bottle is a great choice to be a business gift is that it fits all occasions. Compared to other gifts, water bottles often make a safe choice. It represents more than just a water bottle, it also expresses care for a healthy and eco friendly lifestyle. Detailed knowledge of the customers’ lifestyle or personality is not necessary, which makes custom drinkware a perfect gift option which will never be outdated.

Laser engraving personalized bottles are economical. It is affordable for most businesses compared to other luxury products, and there are always more discounts, price cuts, and sales if purchased in bulk or during a holiday season.

One drawback is that a lot of drinkware companies require a large minimum order quantity to provide engraving service. Many companies also do not offer engraving individual names or custom graphics, which can be a setback if only a small quantity is needed. 

3. Personal Experience

There are also a group of people emphasizing on personal experience over the material goods. Then it’s time to offer a wonderful personal experience such as attending a sporting event together or giving a yoga membership card to one who enjoys doing yoga. 

It is also a good idea to participate in the experience with your VIP customers, which is helpful in building a personal relationship with these customers. It’s important to ask customers questions to get to know them which will help find common interests for finding something to do together. Ideas may include a spa day or going to a concert together.

However, compared with gift baskets and drinkware, this is more of a one-time gift. If the experience provided is not impressive enough, the customer may likely forget the value intended to be provided. Additionally, this cannot always be achieved as expected. For instance, if you know a VIP customer loves skiing, but it is summer in the region, then the customer has to wait until the next season. Keep in mind that this kind of gift can be much more expensive compared to other gift options.

To ensure that VIP customers continue business and maintain loyalty, please never forget to show your appreciation by maintaining personal relationships regularly. Choosing the right gift is always an essential step. 


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