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Cabay’s Dirtworks

The personalized gifts are more than just a gift

Although LAMOSE is a small company, the products and services we provide are of the highest quality. Lamose is always willing to accommodate according to the needs of the customers and do whatever we can to help meet their goals.

Their goal

Cabay’s Dirtworks is looking for high-quality gifts for VIP customers. Common gifts such as hats or gift cards cannot show how appreciative they are to their clients. They chose Lamose based on others’ recommendation, as no other places can customize the personalized gifts according to the tastes and preferences of each of their clients. With Lamose, they are able to mix and match products, colors, and designs for every client, allowing them to give a personalized, high quality gift, that fits within their budget.

Lisa Dougan

"Our clients love the personalized gifts from Lamose. They are not only sturdy, keep beverages hot, and look amazing, but also unique for them, both the colors of the products and the names on it. The ordering process was super simple and delivery was quick and efficient. I know Lamose from a friend’s recommendation and I would also do the same thing by recommending them to other friends!"

Their solution

Trusting the recommendation of a friend, Lisa, the owner of Cabay's Dirtworks, knew that LAMOSE offers high-quality vacuum insulated stainless steel beverage containers. When she came to ask us about our gifts, we explained to her that we not only provide high quality, life-long warranty drinkware, but also provide beautiful packaging, fast turnaround time, and a high degree of customization. We offered her the freedom to mix and match various colors with different products tailored to each of her VIP customers. Lisa decided to choose us. Since her company is a small business without an official logo, our design team redesigned their logo. Then, we designed each customer's name based on their individual font preferences. The gifts were shipped 5 days after Lisa ordered.

Their Results

Lisa was surprised that we designed, engraved, and shipped the orders so fast, and based on her feedback, all her customers enjoyed their unique and high-quality gifts.


Cabay'S Dirtworks Ltd is a company from Bonnyville, AB, which is specialized in Oilfield General Contractors.


Robson 21oz Insulated Bottle
Moraine 27oz Insulted Bottle
Logo Design Service
Name and Logo engraving service

More success stories


With an urgent timeline each time, Lamose always puts their needs into the first consideration and meets their needs.

Calgary Humane Society

In order to support non-profit organizations, Lamose gives them the most suitable price and engraves pictures of animals on it.

MacCon Public Safety 

As a public safety company, in order to meet their needs to get the most special and practical gifts for employees who word under high-risk situation, Lamose engraves the number of each firefighter on the bottles.

Urban Legal Recruitment

With the requirement that each bottle needs to be engraved with a different quote, Lamose customized the bottles for their employees one by one.