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The personalized gifts are more than just a gift

As a local business run by a small team, LAMOSE understands the importance of communication and always listens to the needs of our customers. Generally, our turnaround time is within 10 business days, however if you are under the pressure of an urgent deadline let us know and we will accommodate!

Their goal

As a long term customer of LAMOSE, LoKnow already loves both the design aesthetic and high quality of our products, which they can trust to represent their company. They have ordered multiple rounds of different products as gifts for their employees, however, their timeline is always super tight and they are really worried about whether their gifts can arrive in time.

Molly McChesney

"We are so pleased with the bottles that we received, we would always like to go ahead and order more rounds! I already have a Lamose water bottle that I use every day and all of our employees love them. I would recommend Lamose to anyone looking for a quality product for a great price. The high quality of these bottles not only lead our employees into a healthier lifestyle, but also bring the people attached to the company closer!"

Their solution

Knowing about their urgent needs, LAMOSE tried to accommodate their short timeline by starting the design process as soon as they placed their order. We then sent them their free digital mock up and discussed the adjustments they needed made in order to satisfy their specific needs. Once we got their approval, we started engraving. Due to their time constraints, we put their products in the front of our production line and sent them out as soon as possible.

LoKnow designing custom water bottle with lamose

Their Results

All the gifts arrived on time and they were impressed at how sharp and professional the water bottles looked. They happily received lots of compliments on them too! From their feedback, they want to continue to use Lamose for their future custom bottle needs. Their satisfaction also makes all the employees in LAMOSE overjoyed and proud!


LoKnow is an Alberta based advertising service company who offers unique hyper-targeted advertising, tech, and deep data services

They build the most efficient digital advertising campaigns imaginable and provide deep-data services to track where customers shop, work and live. They can learn a lot more about someone by the places they visit in the real world than by how they behave online. 

Learn more about LoKnow please visit:


Robson 21oz Insulated Bottle
Text Design Service
Text engraving service

More success stories

Calgary Humane Society

In order to support non-profit organizations, Lamose gives them the most suitable price and engraves pictures of animals on it.

Cabay’s Dirtworks 

In order to meet the very specific preferences of their clients, Lamose mixes and matches the products and colors for them and makes personalized customization gifts for them. 

MacCon Public Safety 

As a public safety company, in order to meet their needs to get the most special and practical gifts for employees who word under high-risk situation, Lamose engraves the number of each firefighter on the bottles.

Urban Legal Recruitment

With the requirement that each bottle needs to be engraved with a different quote, Lamose customized the bottles for their employees one by one.