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The personalized gifts are more than just a gift

Choosing the right gifts can tell your workers how important they are to you. Lamose is the place that can help you accomplish this by helping you design, engrave, and package the most personalized gifts to your loved ones!

Their goal

As one of the leading public safety companies in Alberta, MacCon has had the good fortune to work with many great clients as well as local, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies. The achievements of their company are highly dedicated to their employees for all their hard work. MacCon Public Safety was looking for high quality gifts to show their appreciation to their committed employees who always work under risks. They hoped the gifts could be high quality, practical, and sincere, as well as fit within the limitations of their budget.

Terry Hu
Store Manager in Lamose

"As a high-risk profession in this city, firefighters have made many contributions to the safety of this city. As a store manager, I am proud to design unique gifts for them. I believe that this gift is not just a drinking glass, but an affirmation for them!"

Their solution

Lamose offers an affordable option for sincere personalized gifts. They were able to create custom water bottles engraved with both their company logo and the personalized regimental number of each fireworker for their experienced team.

Their Results

The firefighters are all thrilled to get such a unique gift, and feel their hard work is recognized and appreciated. Having something they can use everyday engraved with their regimental number on it, serves as a reminder that they are each an important and valued member of a team, and they really cherish this special gift. 


MacCon was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the leading public safety companies specializing in high risk, high profile properties, venues, concerts and events in Alberta. Working major events with executive heads of state, religious figures, local events, cultural festivals, concerts, and private events, MacCon has had the good fortune to work with many great clients as well as local, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies.

MacCon has extensive experience in providing threat and risk management, and expertise in responding to our client’s needs. The reputation of the company continues to be found in its passion, attention to detail, vigilance, and energetic drive.

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