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The personalized gifts are more than just a gift

It shows your emphasis on your employees. Everyone wants to be treated uniquely. Lamose can engrave everything you want, such as texts, pictures, names, and logos, etc., which will make the most special gift for your emphasized ones!

Their goal

Through the hard work of their employees, they have gradually gained the trust of more customers. In order to show their appreciation to, as well as motivate, their employees, they want a high quality gift which reflects their reputation, as well as something individualized, representing the personalized service they offer to each client. They want to use a variety of different quotes to motivate employees, because everyone is driven by different passions, and it is difficult to determine whether the gift can meet all of their specific requirements.  

Robynn Sivorot
Office Manager

"We are so pleased with the bottles that we received and we would always like to go ahead and order more rounds! I already have a Lamose water bottle that I use every day and all of our employees are using it too right now, and they all love it. The high quality of these bottles not only lead our employees into a healthier lifestyle, but also make them attached to the company closer! I would recommend Lamose to anyone looking for a quality product for a great price"

Their solution

Knowing their requirements, Lamose was happy to offer exactly what they needed. Lamose engraved every bottle with both the quotes they provided us and the name of each employee, making it the most personalized gift for these employees.

Their Results

The personalized bottles, each with a special quote engraved on the high-end bottles not only show their appreciation to their employees, but also provide motivation to their team. At the same time, it is also a practical gift which could be used everyday. Their employees are so pleased with the bottles that they received, they went ahead and ordered another round!


Urban Legal Recruitment is a recruitment center that focuses on permanent legal employment placements within law firms, oil & gas companies, and other private and public organizations.

They work with partners, associates in-house legal counsel and legal support to ensure that each and every employment search is handled with confidentiality and discretion. They also build long term, lasting relationships with our clients.

Learn more about Urban Legal Recruitment please visit:


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More success stories


With an urgent timeline each time, Lamose always puts their needs into the first consideration and meets their needs.

Cabay’s Dirtworks 

In order to meet the very specific preferences of their clients, Lamose mixes and matches the products and colors for them and makes personalized customization gifts for them. 

MacCon Public Safety 

As a public safety company, in order to meet their needs to get the most special and practical gifts for employees who word under high-risk situation, Lamose engraves the number of each firefighter on the bottles.

Calgary Humane Society 

In order to support non-profit organizations, Lamose gives them the most suitable price and engraves pictures of animals on it.