Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters - Colombia - Cundinamarca Regional Blend | Washed

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Product Type: Coffee Bean
Size: 340 grams

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This Washed processed coffee is sweet, juicy and comfortable with notes that remind us of:







Apple Juice, Red Grape, Caramel, and Chocolate

Origin: Colombia
Farm: Cooperativea Departamental Caftera de Cundinamarca
Harvest: Mid-late 2022
Variety: Colombia, Castillo
Elevation: 1800-2100 MASL
Process: Washedsundried in solar dryers

Size: 340g / 1KG and  2.5 KG whole bean

Great for both filter and espresso

More about This Lot and Yacuanquer:

The beautiful river known as the Sumapaz meanders between the departments of Cundinamarca and Tolima, and surrounding it are mountains and plateaus that are home to thousands of small coffee producers. It is here that the members of the coffee cooperative known as Cooperativa Departamental Cafetera de Cundinamarca live and grow coffee. Here, producers harvest coffee in May through July as well as in December and January.