MHW-3BOMBER - Electric Pourover Kettle 600 ML

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Color: Black

MHW-3BOMBER "ASSASSIN" electric coffee kettle is a perfect kettle for beginner and pro alike that like slow consistent pour that is easy to control. 

Features and specifications:
- 90 degree vertical flow, easy to control
- high sensitivity STRIX thermostat
- 900W power, boil 600 mL of water in 3 min
- glasspanel, looks great and easy to clean
- LED display 
- temperature hold and F/C switch 
- anti-scalding lid design 
-SUS304 stainless steel 
- small 600mL  capacity

NOTE on maximum holding temperature of 203F / 95C:
"We have taken the safety settings into consideration while following the most suitable brewing temperature range for international brewed coffee. In 1500 meter altitude area, water boils at 203F (95C) and not 212 F (100c). So if you set the hold temperature over 212F, the water will constantly boiling and splashed boiling water and large amounts of steam may cause burns and becomes a potential safety hazard"

Note on 600mL capacity: "it is designed to ensure you have enough water to brew while not adding more weigh to your hands, allowing you to brew with ease. It also allow the kettle to be smaller and more portable.