Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters - Myanmar - PA-O Village | Catuai - Anaerobic Natural

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This anaerobic natural processed coffee remind us of these notes:

Plum | Raspberry | Macadamia  | Milk Chocolate | Apricot

Origin: Myanmar
Farm: Collection of PA-O Village Farms
Producer: Behind the Leaf
Region: Pinlaung, Myanmar
Harvest: 2022
Variety: Mainly Catuai and local Mix
Elevation: 1500-1600 MASL
Process: Anaerobic Natural

Whole Bean

Great for both filter and espresso!

More about the PA-O Village and Behind the Leaf

Behind the Leaf is a fantastic coffee project in Myanmar. Run by three amazing individuals and located outside of a small township called Pinlaung. The founder of the project is an American woman named Melanie Edwards. She's been living in Southeast Asia for over a decade and first moved there with the intention of bringing a sustainable source of clean water to remote areas in Thailand and soon after, Myanmar.

There are two operations that function simultaneously. The first is Behind the Leaf. That's the name of the micro-mill they've built with the intention of organizing nearby villages to produce coffee at a higher tier of quality and to educate them on the potential that this crop can yield. For these nearby villages, many of them are not connected to stable power sources, many don't have roadways and are truly off the grid. On top of that, Myanmar is the second largest producer of opium in the World, and people like Melanie and her team are working to connect with them and to help them develop a more sustainable life.