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LAMOSE - January Update

LAMOSE - January Update


Wow! We can't believe we've made it through almost 1 month into 2020 already. January is soon coming to an end and we've got some exciting updates for you, including the winner of our #LamoseWinterChallenge. So for January, here's what went down.


Peyto 16oz Tumblers

In December, we announced the launch of our brand new 16oz size Peyto tumblers. At the time, we only released them and had them available online. As of now, we have the Peyto 16oz in stock and available for you in store at Southcentre Mall (directions) and Kingsway Mall (directions). Get yours today with the brand new, updated slide close lid!


Blog Recap

We've been working on updating and adding new blogs posts more regularly to provide more information and keep things fresh. Here's some quick links to the informational blogs we posted in January:

- How These Things Can Improve Any Drink
- Everything You Need To Know About Laser Engraving
- Top 3 Reasons To Customize Your LAMOSE Drinkware
- Brand Ambassador: Amanda Nadeau
- Inside Our Complete Design Process
- 7 Things Engraved Store Alternatives Near You


Cold, Cold Weather

Midway through the month, Alberta experienced some of the coldest weather ever. For about a week straight, the majority of the province had temperatures drop down as low as -40 degreed Celcius (without the windchill)! We hope you were able to stay warm by keeping your hot drinks hot with our insulated drinkware.

During this time, we decided to have some fun with the cold by throwing some boiling hot water in the air to create some extremely cool photos of the water instantly turning into steam.

We created a challenge for Albertans to try this at home with the #LamoseWinterChallenge. For this, we asked for you to post a video or photo of you tossing hot water into the cold air for a chance to win a free bottle. The winner of this contest is @kayla_mah. Congratulations, Kayla!! We will contact you with further details.

Photos (In order): @kayla_mah, @shaenaj, @aaronbaynes.yegprorealty

See more at #LamoseWinterChallenge

Staying Motivated

As the month comes close to wrapping up, we hope you're staying on top of those 2020 goals and staying motivated heading into February. Earlier, we posted a blog on 5 Ways To Stay Motivated During 2020. If you haven't read it yet, or would like to go back through it again, it's posted back on our blog.

Additionally, there's only a limited amount of time left to save 40% off Robson 28oz bottles and 50% off motivational quote designs. Let's all keep motivated throughout the entire year!

Thank you for reading, we'll see you soon!

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