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LAMOSE Steel Bottles VS Plastic Bottles

LAMOSE Steel Bottles VS Plastic Bottles

LAMOSE stainless insulated steel water bottles that keep the water cold even in the high temperature. There are a lot of factors that you should consider these steel bottles instead of other plastic bottles. We know how frustrated it is in the summer to keep the water cold. For example, you keep a water bottle with yourself in the car to keep yourself hydrated but due to the temperature the traditional plastic bottles unable to keep the water cold. That is why we have designed sealed steel bottles that can retain the temperature of water no matter what is the temperature of surroundings.

The traditional plastic bottles don’t have such abilities that a steel bottle can possess. We will help you to know that why you should prefer LAMOSE steel bottles over the plastic bottles.

Cost effective in the long term:

            You have to spend one time on these steel bottles. Whenever you will drink water from a plastic bottle the chances are that you will dispose the bottle and for more water, you have to purchase a bottle as well. This increases the cost spent on the disposable water bottles. LAMOSE steel bottles in such situations are more cost effective in the long run. By investing one time on these bottles you can save up to ten times as compared to plastic bottles. In this hard economic time, everyone is looking for ways to save money and this investment can help you to save your money.

Free from chemicals:

            Plastic bottles are usually made up of recycled plastic and there are fair chances that they are contaminated with chemicals. These chemicals can affect your health and can even change the taste and smell of the water. Recycled plastics are usually cleaned by soaps and detergents which are utterly disgusting. These harmful chemicals can easily contaminate your body. LAMOSE steel bottles provide you with a hygienic way to keep your water clean and healthy. This bottle guarantees that your health will not be compromised because of the contaminated water.

Retains the temperature:

            The best feature of these steel bottles is that it retains the temperature of the drink. Whether you want your coffee to remain hot or to keep your water cold there will be no better choice than LAMOSE water bottles. The plastics bottles are not insulated and that is why has a very poor temperature retention capacity. LAMOSE water bottles are insulated from inside that doesn’t allow the temperature to leave the bottle or don’t allows the temperature to affect the drink. The water bottles lose only one degree after twenty hours and make it certain to keep you and your family healthy. Not only the temperature retention capacity these insulated bottles don't support the growth of microorganisms in the bottle and your water remains safe from bacteria and other organisms.

Eco friendly:

            LAMOSE water bottles are highly durable. These water bottles are strong enough to compete for any kind of weather. This is another reason that you should prefer these bottles over the plastic bottles. It is its strength and durability that keeps it safe from unpleasant circumstances. Also, plastic bottles are being a source of pollution. Because millions of such bottles are disposed of every day it is becoming harder to recycle these plastic bottles. These steel bottles are less harmful to the environment as compared to the plastic bottles because it has the reusable nature.

            Although the regular plastic and aluminum bottles are trusted to provide hydration, it is time to choose best for yourself by kicking them out. Check out the coolest water bottles and keep inspiring people to protect nature and themselves.

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