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LAMOSE, the best traveling water bottle arrive Amazon

LAMOSE, the best traveling water bottle arrive Amazon

“Cutting Edge Technology Infused In Healthy Bottled Water”

Nature is meant to be preserved and so is your health. This cannot be achieved through conventional plastic water bottles which are not only an environmental hazard but also harmful to the body when left under hot temperatures or used to contain hot beverages. People need a bottle that goes with their lifestyle and also environmental friendly.

It can be quite frustrating drinking your coffee cold or your water hot on a sunny day. Be it an outdoor person, a field person or you work in an official environment and you need a bottle to face the hassles of your day? Look no further because that is the gap Lamose is here to fill.
Lamose brings about a cutting edge among its peers with its high-level innovation in the production of efficient water bottles to solve your drinking problems, and to save our environment by the amount of plastic they are keeping out of landfills and waterways. This product is composed of 100 % stainless steel from cap to bottom which makes it the best stainless steel water bottle around.

It is BPA free, hot washer dishwasher safe and it is made in a way that the bottle protects the quality and healthy nature of the content with the incorporation of 18/8 food-grade stainless which makes it ever reliable for years to come.

Lamose’s innovation and creativity goes beyond the beautiful and solid exterior. It has an insulated double-wall vacuum which will keep any cold liquid at its temperature for 24hours and any hot liquid at its temperature for 12 hours.  The vacuum insulated bottles creates a condensation free exterior that won’t make your water or the content of the bottle sweat in your bag or on your hands. The powdered coating on the outside is one of their ways of taking bottling to another level as it is more effective than traditional painting to improve grip and durability.

It is perfect for tourists or adventurers as it won't break down and would be there to support no matter where life takes them. Their bottles are stylish, beautiful and portable. It could be in a purse, backpack or stroller and it can always be packed safely with other belongings.
Lamose bottles can be used, reused without negatively impacting the environment or the user in any form. Get a Lamose stainless bottle today, your life could depend on it.

There is an array of beautiful designs and colors to choose from. Find one that inspires you, no matter your style or lifestyle there is always a Lamose bottle for you.

About Lamose
Lamose is a top manufacturer of stainless steel insulated water bottles in the very competitive space but they set themselves out with their drive, intuition, and ideas. Their mission is to inspire people to preserve nature and their health, and make a cleaner world for future generations at a much-reduced cost.

Media Contact
Contact: Chen Liu
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Company Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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