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Has A Gift Ever Brought Tears to Your Eyes?

Has A Gift Ever Brought Tears to Your Eyes?

The Story

Everyone loves receiving gifts. But let us ask, when was the last time you received a gift so meaningful, it brought tears to your eyes? Purchasing a LAMOSE bottle or mug as a gift has become extremely popular among the majority of our customers. This customer went above and beyond to make a great gift for his mother, a gift she'll cherish for a lifetime.

Recently we custom engraved this Moraine bottle in sky blue for a customer right here in our Southcentre Mall store. We had been provided with an old photograph to be engraved on the bottle. What seemed like a challenging task due to the characteristics of the photo, was handled with ease by our expert design consultant, Sheena. Customizing a bottle couldn't get any easier for you! See part of the process below.

Original photo:

Design rendering:

The Result

Below is Rhonda's Facebook post as she shares her experience receiving her LAMOSE bottle as a birthday gift from her son. (Rhonda later corrected that the bottle was a birthday gift, not Mother's day gift)

Personalizing a gift is really one of the best ways to truly let someone know that you care about them and makes that gift much more meaningful. Let's face it, a great water bottle makes a great gift, but having it custom made makes it unique, special, and much more valuable.

We hope this touching story sparks some creativity in creating your custom LAMOSE drink ware.

For more information on customizing your bottle or mug, come visit us in store, visit our website, or contact us if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help you create the gift of a lifetime!

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