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LAMOSE and Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

LAMOSE and Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

We had the honour of creating a few custom designed water bottles for the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. Guests are able to take their favourite wolfdog home on a souvenir water bottle. 

Yamnuska and LAMOSE Souvenir Water Bottles

About Yamnuska

Yamnuska is a non-profit organization east of the Rocky Mountains near Cochrane Alberta that opened in 2011. Their mission is to promote responsible wolfdog ownership as well as oversee the rescue for wolfdogs that have been displaced, neglected, or abandoned. Yamnuska is not only one of the largest sanctuaries in Canada but one of the only sanctuaries to balance educational programs with a highly successful adoption program. 

The enclosures vary from 1 to 2 acres and include vegetation to ensure each wolfdog is provided with the environment they need to be stress-free, healthy, and happy. The sanctuary is on over 160 acres of land. 


Custom Water Bottle

The LAMOSE Difference

Our double wall insulated bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. 

All designs are laser engraved which means that the design will not peel or fade away over time. Bottles are also dishwasher safe. Bottles include a BPA free lid to prevent flavour transfer and keep your drink fresh. 

The designs we created were fully customized for Yamnuska. We were able to create a design from photos. Our advanced technology allow us to engrave any corporate logo or wolfdog. 

Products come in premium packaging making it a great gift or souvenir. 

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise from the gift shop goes towards the care of the wolfdogs and supports incoming rescues. 

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary and LAMOSE

How to contribute

Every donation helps feed, transport, rehome an adoptable wolfdog, or give a high-content wolfdog a permanent home at the sanctuary. If you are wanting to support the sanctuary, click here. They also accept material goods


Double Wall Insulated Bottle LAMOSE


Get in touch with us for corporate orders. We look forward to collaborating with you. 

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