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Custom Engraving Gift Guide

Custom Engraving Gift Guide

LAMOSE Custom Engraving Guide

The holiday season is here and Christmas is coming up faster than we know. Despite the season being full of laughter, joy, and giving, we all know the holiday season can be extremely difficult when shopping for gifts.

With practically limitless options when it comes to engraving, we understand it can be a tad overwhelming to decide what to get. Therefore, we've put together a custom engraving gift guide to alleviate some of your holiday shopping stress. Now, this doesn't just have to apply to the holidays, feel free to use this as a guideline for ideas for any gifting occasion!

Name Engraving

First, we'll start with name engraving. As the first option, we offer FREE name engraving on any of our drinkware products making it the ideal option to personalize if on a tighter budget. This is a fantastic way to personalize your gift, taking it one step above giving the ordinary gift. That's not to say our drinkware isn't anything special already, but it takes it from a great gift to a more meaningful gift. Having your own name on your bottle or mug indicates how special and unique it is, and that it's yours - not anybody else's. Additionally, you may choose from a wide variety of different fonts, sizes, orientations, and positions to suit anyone's personal style. Below you can see how our name engraving was used for a bridal party and each person got their own unique Peyto tumbler!


Start now by clicking on the green personalize button on any drinkware product page.

Motivational Quote

Our second option is to engrave a motivational quote. Often times, this takes it up another step in personalizing. Not only is it great to enjoy your favorite drink at the optimal drinking temperature, but having a refreshing, motivational reminder with each sip is a perfect way to keep you going throughout the entire day. Some people get a meaningful quote or saying they always heard from a loved one, others get a famous quote. Either way, its a perfect way to remind one's self to stay positive.


Ready Made Designs

We've made it easier than ever to choose a custom graphic to engrave! Our design book offers a wide variety of ready-made designs to fit anyone's lifestyle. We have all sorts of different categories of designs ranging from the outdoor enthusiast, to hockey players, to special designs just for him or her. Our most popular among our customers is the outdoor category.

To engrave from our design book, all you need to do is head over to our design book and choose the design you want. From there, choose the drinkware options including size and color and you're on your way!

Photo Engraving

The saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Many people have a certain photograph that holds significant value. Engraving a photo will turn your gifted drinkware into something that goes far beyond a thoughtful gift. Yes, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right photo to be engraved. For someone to be able to bring along their bottle or mug that displays that special moment, memorable experience, or stunning imagery is truly something else.

Photo engraving ultimately has the most creative freedom and limitless options. People will often either know the exact photo they want engraved, or have the toughest decision when choosing since practically ANY photo can be engraved thanks to our experienced design team. Having so many options for photo engraving, let's dive deeper into some of our most popular photos people get engraved for gifts:

-Pet Portraits

Whether its for someone crazy about their pet(s) (let's be honest we all know those certain people) or it's for someone who needs something to remember their past pets, this one is perfect for any pet lover! It is definitely a great way for pet owners who can't always take their fluffy friends with them everywhere they go.

-Family Portraits

Family is important. They're there for support. They're there to keep us grounded. They're there when we need them the most. We've seen some extremely heartwarming stories about why people got portraits of their family engraved on their drinkware. One of our recent customers did this for their mother's birthday gift and well, we'll let this review from the recipient the story:

best custom water bottle gift, gift idea

Don't Be Afraid To Get Creative

Wrapping up our guide on engraving, we hope this helped you to either choose something or come up with your own idea to engrave. No matter what you decide upon, you can be confident that your gift will undoubtedly stand out from the rest.

The options are beyond limitless and we love seeing what our customers engrave on their drinkware. Feel free to get creative and share with us what you engrave! You can tag us on social media using #LamoseGo #DrinkYourHappiness We'd love to feature you!

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