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Top 3 Reasons To Customize Your LAMOSE Drinkware

Top 3 Reasons To Customize Your LAMOSE Drinkware

There are tons reasons why you should customize your drinkware. Here's a look at the top 


1) It's Uniquely Yours

These days it seems like everyone has a water bottle or mug at hand. With so many around, it can be easy to misplace one, or have someone take yours thinking it was their own. By getting your bottle or mug custom engraved, whether it be your name, initials or a photo, it holds a lot more value and is easier to distinguish between others. Let's face it, nobody is likely to take your bottle if it has your name permanently engraved on it! There is a huge variety of styles you can get engraved. You can add a motivational quote or graphic along with your name and it all adds that personal flavor.


2) Give the Perfect Gift

How many times have you received a gift and was genuinely excited about how much thought that person put into that gift? It may be a few times but likely a lot less that you would have originally thought. To give a gift that is custom made takes gift giving to the next level. It can really show that person how much they mean to you and how much you pay attention to their life. The combination of all the right things from the color, to the type of drink container and finally, what you choose to engrave on it for them. All of those things add up to become the ultimate gift the recipient will love. Check out our previous blog post or design samples for some ideas to get your started. They make great gifts for any occasion such as:

- Weddings, engagements, birthdays, mother's/father's day, holidays, and more!


3) Makes A Great Corporate Gift

Similar to above, we see a ton of businesses make custom orders for corporate gifts. So whether you'd like to promote your business with your logo on our drinkware, or if you'd like to show your employees how much you appreciate them custom laser engraving is perfect. Alternatively, you can do both!

What makes it such a great corporate gift? I think many of us have been a part of a company that we worked so hard for and got nothing in return. Or if we did receive something, it was nothing more than a pin or a cheap pen to thank us for a year of working with them. I mean these things aren't even really useful to put it bluntly. So why not show your staff or promote your company with something that is useful, high quality, and custom made? Anyone can use a water bottle or mug daily, it is high quality and will last a lifetime, and can display your business wherever they go! No need to worry about order quantities - you can order any quantity and each can even be custom made with their name on it too.

If you would like to make an order or if you have any questions, please use the corporate gift inquiry form.

Below is an example of what we've done with Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary 


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