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Here is why you need a 100% steel bottle, not 80% steel with a plastic lid!

Here is why you need a 100% steel bottle, not 80% steel with a plastic lid!

Even if a lot of people tell you that having a plastic lid for your steel bottle may be ok, that doesn’t mean this is the hard truth. In fact, plastic can include a wide range of chemicals, and this may even interfere with your body’s hormones. You don’t want chemicals like BPA, phthalates or bisphenol-A to enter your body, so it’s important to avoid drinking water from plastic recipients. And since even a plastic lid can include these chemicals, opting for a 100% steel bottle can be the best, healthiest idea.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles keep bacteria and mold at bay

Aside from the fact that these water bottles are free of chemicals, they are also resistant to corrosion, stains, and rust. They don’t allow bacteria or mold to hide, something that plastic lids do. So yes, replacing a plastic lid with a Stainless Steel one can get the job done pretty fast.

Drinking from Stainless Steel Water Bottles is cheaper

Believe it or not, drinking from your own Stainless Steel Water Bottle ends up being less expensive than drinking water from plastic water bottles. In fact, Americans are spending more than $12 billion a year on plastic bottled water alone. Since Stainless Steel Water Bottle is refillable and they don’t allow any viruses or bacteria to gather in their lid, they are a much better investment. And in time, you get to spend less on the water this way.

The water temperature is kept intact for a long time

A benefit that comes from any 100% Stainless Steel Water Bottle is that it allows you to keep the water hot or cold for a longer time. Steel is a compound known to retain the properties of liquids, whereas plastic will not do that. If you use a plastic lid, your drinks will slowly reach the room temperature. But Stainless Steel Water Bottles will retain the water temperature for quite some time.

No more flavors

No matter if you use just a plastic lid, that’s more than enough for plastic to add a specific flavor to your water. Drinking this type of water is unhealthy, not to mention disgusting for most of us. What we can do is to use a Stainless Steel Water Bottle, as this will help us stay away from unwanted flavors. Instead, you get clean water that stays that way for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles are sustainable

That’s the primary reason why you want to get your own Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Not only is this sustainable, but the sheer fact that plastic takes 1000 years to decompose means you save the environment this way too. Plus, even a small plastic lid can make a difference when you want to save the environment. Opting for the 100% Stainless Steel Water Bottle is certainly going to bring you a lot more value and better results for the long term!

As you see, even a simple plastic lid added to your Stainless Steel Water Bottle can be problematic. If you want to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals and also protect the environment, don’t hesitate and invest into a 100% Stainless Steel Water Bottle. It will be well worth your money!

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