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Great Ways to Enjoy your LAMOSE Bottle Year Round!

Great Ways to Enjoy your LAMOSE Bottle Year Round!

Whether you are on Team Moraine, Team Robson, or Team Hudson, you can enjoy hot and cold drinks throughout the year. Rain or shine, hot or cold, LAMOSE has your back. Enjoy the outdoors even more, stay hydrated, and let us support your lifelong adventure. Here are some tips from the LAMOSE team. Drink your happiness!

Post Hike Hydration

Stay hydrated to reach the summit. Photo credit: @LAMOSE instagram

Many hikers know the woes of having lukewarm water during their hike. Many enjoy the light weight of hydration bladders, but they are susceptible to the summer heat and your own body warmth! Think of carrying a LAMOSE bottle during a short day hike instead to always have a refreshing sip of ice cold water! There are several flavoured electrolyte tablets on that market that you can also use to help keep up your energy while you climb to the highest peak. LAMOSE co-founder Chen prefers NUUN tablets. Alternatively for all of you adventurous types, you could bring some warm to hot water during a winter hike to keep you feeling toasty.

TIP: If you think an insulated bottle is too heavy for a day hike, then leave them in your car. That refreshing cold water back at the trailhead can serve as a reward for your work summiting that mountain!

Cozy by the Campfire

Did you know, our large size bottles can hold an entire bottle of wine for that weekend camping trip? Or that our small Moraine makes the best insulated beer cozy for that relaxing float down the river? Liselot, one of our Design Assistants, even recommends that our bottles make for the perfect alternative container for chilled champagne for a romantic picnic. All of this without the bulky icebox. Because of this, LAMOSE bottles are excellent ways to keep your adult beverages chilled at just the right temperature for when you get to the campsite.

Please follow all rules and regulations of the campsite you are staying at or provincial/state laws. LAMOSE does not support consumption of alcohol or intoxication in public. Please drink responsibly.

Ice Cold Fruit Infusions

Oh summer, amazing weather and exciting events. You know what would make it even better? A delicious glass of sweet lemonade. A classic beverage for a classic season, any of our bottles filled with your own recipe or something like this would make quick work of that summer heat. No “life gives you lemons” jokes needed!

Enjoy that tea anywhere! Photo credit: @LAMOSE instagram

Also, you don’t need hot water to enjoy your tea. Cold brewing tea can be a refreshing way to get your caffeine fix in those hot morning, or an easy way to brew those fruity teas to enjoy on the go! Cold brewing is not only simple to do, but it can minimize over-steeping as it prevents the tannins from being released into the tea, resulting in a bitter taste. If you’re not a tea or lemonade person, Design Assistant Thomas uses his to store soft drinks in.

Winter Warmth

Stay warm wherever you go with a hot drink in your back pocket! Photo credit: @LAMOSE instagram

In the same vein as hiking, LAMOSE bottles can make your time in the snow even more enjoyable. After a long day shredding slopes and plowing down slaloms, or after the great snowball fight with the kids, or even a simple walk through a snowy park, our Design Assistant Alex recommends that you stay warm and relax with a nice hot chocolate poured straight from your LAMOSE insulated bottle. Pair them with some Hudson mugs and you’ll have a warm drink that follows you wherever you go.

Finally, our bottles and mugs can be pushed to even greater heights! Some of our customers have tried using our bottles to bring soup, or our mugs to hold chili or oatmeal. Experiment yourself, there is no wrong way to enjoy the day with LAMOSE! So tug on those toques, throw on some sunscreen, and enjoy the outdoors year round with your LAMOSE bottle! #LAMOSEGo!

Thank you for the LAMOSE team for contributing to this blog post:

Liselot Gains

Alexandra Lai

Thomas He

Chen Liu

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