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Customize Your Bottle, Drink Your Happiness!

Customize Your Bottle, Drink Your Happiness!

Designing and engraving your bottle is an optional but very attractive way to tell the world that this is yours. Not only is this a great idea for individuals, but it’s an excellent way for businesses to rep their brand, build employee morale, and to show that they are allies to the environment! This week we are going to see how customized bottles can help your company and look at some beautiful examples from you and our Design Assistants.

Another bottle our Design Assistants completed to help build team spirit for a local fundraising walk/run. #TerwilligarTrailRunWalk

According to Forbes, “employees who think they have a positive work-life balance are more productive and dedicated by 21 percent than those who don't think so, according to a survey of 50,000 employees worldwide” (Forbes, 2017). A happy employee is an efficient employee. In addition to work behaviour, morale can impact their physiological state. Employees who don’t feel welcome or valued are more stressed, which can result in them being at a higher risk for heart disease, can reduce the strength of their immune system, and more (Brosschot et al. 2006). A less healthy employee may have more sick days ranging from the common flu or even worse! Protect your employees by ensuring that their work is as stress free as possible. Hydration is a great step forward, along with showing them that their boss cares for their health.

A bottle that we did for the Xpedition90x's trek to the south pole.

Some businesses offer small benefits like one paid for yoga class or massage each month, or they have regular get together and team outings to relieve stress. Another great way to relieve stress is to build an strong ingroup that supports each other and ensures each other’s wellbeing. Being able to have a common thing that brings everyone together is an extremely effective tool that has been proven. Just look at NFL championship teams, they often commemorate a victory with custom made rings. Or maybe how motorcyclists greet each other even if they are absolute strangers. The fact that all of these individuals share a passion, a skill, a duty builds an ingroup that can be conducive to mental health and morale!

Customized bottles are great for rewarding hard work as well! Show your team that you value their grind!

Out Design Assistants can perfect your logo, customize names, and provide unrivalled customization for you, your business, or your employees. Protect the environment, protect your workers, and have a long lasting and great looking bottle while you do it. Get ready, get set, and #LAMOSEGo!

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